Monday, March 24, 2014

Six Months Old *March, 12, 2014*

Grant is officially half a year old (or as Josh says, 0.5)! I love celebrating half birthdays, not sure why, but I think it's because I find any excuse for a celebration. That first half birthday is such a big milestone, not only because baby learns so much by this point, but it means the start to my very favorite baby stage: SITTING! Sitting babies are my obsession, and the sitting without crawling just doesn't last long enough. I am soaking up every minute of this precious blessing, and he is becoming sweeter by the day!
Here's what you're up to this month:

*You weigh 16.5 pounds and are 25.75 inches tall.

*Your sleep regression has finally ended (thank the Lord!), and you are sleeping from 8pm until 5:30/7am.  Once I give you a bottle, you will go back to sleep in your crib until after 8:30am.
*Naptimes are the same: Down at 2pm and sleep until around 4pm.  I'll put you in your swing after that to squeeze out another hour. Your morning nap is really random and is usually taken while we're out and about.

*You are officially off the swaddle.  We were swaddling you from the waist down until this past week.  Now, you can get to your toes, which you love.

*You love to roll onto your tummy, and you still definitely prefer to sleep either on your belly or on your side.  You love to get yourself up to the top left corner of the crib, and you will sleep with your face buried into the bumper pads.

*You are such a roly poly, and you are great about getting around by rolling or inchworm crawling.

*You still eat a ton, but not a ton of solid food.  You will down seven ounce bottles every two hours or so.

*Your favorite solid food is carrots by far.  You HATE bananas, and you cry hysterically every time we try to feed them to you.  You like apples, peas, pears, and peaches okay, but you definitely prefer formula.

*We packed away all of your 3-month clothes.  You are wearing mostly 6 or 9-month clothes and sleepers.  I bought onesie snap extenders to extend the life of your 3-month smocked outfits.

*We are still trying to get rid of your size-1 diapers.  They are getting way too small, and it's almost to the point where we need to just go ahead and give them away.  You are definitely a size 2 diaper dude now.

*You are sitting by yourself so much better now! I still don't trust you sitting on the hardwoods, but you will sit for a good minute without toppling over.

*You still love to be held and around people.  You love to touch their faces also. You prefer women, and I think that's because you are a momma's boy for sure.

*You still love your feet, but you also love your hands.  I think those teeth are getting closer to popping through since you chew on everything.

*You still love your sisters so much.  You smile anytime that they are around you!

*You are babbling like crazy this month.  You say "bababa" and "mamama".  You love to say "mama" when you are upset or hungry.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy St. Patty's Day

Yes, I know this post is about two days late :) but such is life right now! The kids had a blast wearing their green printed dresses and onesie from Itty Bit Press.  They had such much fun going back to school after Spring Break, and I was very excited for a school day as well!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy Harbour Rodeo 2014

Yee Haw, the rodeo is back in town, and Happy Harbour always does such a great job celebrating Rodeo Houston by having our very own little rodeo at the preschool.  There is carnival games, cow milking, photo ops, and "horse" riding.  Josh was able to come to their little rodeo this year, and Lila loved seeing daddy at her school.  Alli's class went in the morning, so I hate that I missed her class this year!

Some pictures from the rodeo fun:


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