Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, Anna!

Yesterday, Lila's friend, Anna, had us over to her house to celebrate her second birthday. Since Anna's parent's just moved into a brand new house, it was a low-key party with a perfect amount of friends to play with. Anna's sister, Lydia, had some friends over too, and they loved playing mommy to Alli, and Alli loved them too! Anna and Lila had a fun time playing in the dirt, swinging, playing with bubbles, and eating birthday cake together. Lila had a hard time understanding that the presents weren't for her, but Anna was sweet enough to let Lila play with her new toys.  Alli had a fun time learning how to climb stairs, and crawling around everyone's feet at lunch time. We all had a great time and great naps afterwards!
the girls playing together before the party
sweet treats and decorations
Anna and Lila playing
little mommies playing with Alli
opening presents
playing with the new toys
balloon fight
Alli was so sleepy after all of the morning excitement!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

10-Year Reunion Girls' Trip

view from the condo
A few of my best high school girlfriends and I headed down to Destin, Florida for a little 10-year high school reunion getaway for the long Memorial Day weekend. We had SO much fun catching up with each other and relaxing in the gorgeous Florida weather! 
dinner at Camilie's Thursday night
 We got in on Thursday afternoon after flying into Panama City (and made it in this sweet Chrysler pictured below). We were pretty tired from the long day of traveling that we simply settled in and walked down the street to Camilie's to eat dinner outside on their deck. It was so good, and I love that it is within walking distance to the condo!
my sweet ride for the weekend! Chrysler 400
Friday was absolutely gorgeous (but a little toasty for May!), and we spent the entire day outside on the beach and a little at the pool.  I had forgotten just how beautiful the water is and just how soft the Destin sand is. We were so spoiled living there for 2 years! There was a bunch of dried June grass that was on the shoreline, but there was none in the water, so it didn't bother us at all. We all got a lot of sun (some more than others) and were much better about putting on sunscreen the next day!
 No one wanted to mess with bringing a stereo down to the beach, so we just put my iPhone in a solo cup (which magnifies the sound), and it worked just as well! We're such improvisors!
make-shift speaker system
condo building
Friday also happened to be Sally's birthday, so we made her a birthday mimosa to enjoy on the beach :) !!
Birthday Girl!
That night, we got ready and went to dinner at Tommy Bahama Cafe, which was one of my favorite restaurants when I lived in Destin! It was so good, and the island atmosphere was perfect to get us in the mood to go out. 
at Tommy Bahama Cafe for dinner Friday night
After dinner, we met up with some of our good high school friends, who were on a bachelor weekend for our high school friend, Ryan, out in Baytowne Wharf. It was so great to catch up and see everyone! Since all of us are scattered all over the country from California to Texas to Georgia and even New York, we don't get to see each other near enough.  We had a great time and even stayed out a little later than we had anticipated...poor Jaime who is six months pregnant, but she was such a trooper!
Since Friday night was such a late night for us, we took it easy on Saturday by laying low at the pool all day. We walked to dinner at the restaurant next door to the condo (790 on the Gulf) and ate out on the patio overlooking the Gulf, which was so nice! After dinner, we were all stuffed and tired, so we rented This Means War with Reece Witherspoon and Chelsea Handler, which was really cute, and then called it an early night!
Brittany had to go home on Sunday to be with her grandfather that isn't doing too well, so we had a late start outside and just hung out on the beach for a while before making our way to the pool for our last day.  We felt well-rested from our low-key night the night before, so we were ready to go out for our last night. We came in from the beach around 4pm and went across the street to the Destin Commons to do a little shopping. We decided to eat an early dinner at Zoes in the Commons and then take our time getting ready for the night. We set up the camera's self-timer and took some silly pictures before going out in Baytowne again.
Jaime's non-alcoholic Coors 
Sunday night was much less crazy than Friday night was, however, the crowd at Baytowne was much more in "party-mode" than Friday night there. We met up with some of our high school guy friends again for a few hours before going home to get a decent night's sleep before our flights home the next day. 
On Monday morning, we finished packing and made our way back to the airport in Panama City. I was going to look up the address on Google before we left, but I figured that Siri on my iPhone would tell me the address. Well, she led us to the OLD Panama City airport which hasn't been in use for quite some time now! We knew something was wrong when we had to go through a residential neighborhood to get to the "airport." We got excited when we saw the airport building, however, when we got closer, we noticed that there were NO people, cars, or planes anywhere near this airport building. We panicked for a few seconds and then Googled the address for the REAL Panama City airport. We made it to the airport in plenty of time (thank goodness it's a small airport!), and even had a few minutes to take some goofy pictures while waiting on the plane. 
Jaime and Sally's flight was an hour before mine, so once their's took off, I got some lunch and settled into finishing the third book in the 50 Shades of Grey series. However, I got to talking to this older couple (who were SO cool and so much fun to talk to!), that I didn't get to read it while waiting or the entire time flying as we were deep in conversation. It was such a wonderful trip, and I am so sad to leave the beach, but it was so good to see Josh and the girls again! We need to make this a tradition for sure!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Playgroup at Galveston Beach

playing in the playroom before heading to the beach
being silly in their cover-ups
Yesterday, our playgroup met at the beach for a little change of scenery. The weather was gorgeous, and we pretty much had the beach to ourselves! The mosquitoes were a little rough when we first got there, and both of the girls ended up with several welts on their backs, but that didn't stop us from having a great time!
Lila loves the beach, so she was really excited to get down to the sand and started playing right away. Alli took a little long while to get used to the sand, but she eventually dealt with the atmosphere okay. The kids had a great time playing in the ocean and the sand, and the babies enjoyed sitting with each other and eating a little sand together. Lila was a little unsure of the fact that the ocean water moved back and forth, but she got the hang of it again pretty quickly. Alli, however, was traumatized after we put her in the water. Poor thing was so scared and un-happy in the ocean, that she didn't even want to get in her tubby when we got home. I hope that she gets over that soon, because we are a beach-loving family!
Lila, Haley, and Shirley playing in the sand
the girls playing in the ocean
Once Lila decided that she wanted to eat everyone else's food and once Alli let me know that she had just had enough, we called it a day. Since the girls were both super sandy, we picked up Chick Fil A, came home, and rinsed off in the baby pool in the backyard. It felt so great to spend the day outside, and it made us all excited for Summer!
some of our playgroup friends having fun in the ocean
sweet girl in the sand
Alli not so happy in the water (good thing her back is to the camera!)


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