Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Photo Challenge Week 5

Wow, is it just me, or did the last five weeks go by super fast?!? I cheated a little on these pictures as some of them are from my beach trip last week. Oh well, hello my second favorite month of the year, APRIL!!

March 26: key
We have a bowl of keys at our house, and I'm not entirely sure of which doors (or house) many of them belong to...
March 27: your name
My monogram in the a few footprints that aren't mine.
March 28: flowers
We made our last trip out to the bluebonnets today. They wither away sometime in April, so we took advantage of the beautiful 8 am light and played in the bluebonnet field a bit. 
March 29: close up
Lila is obsessed with Chick Fil A sauce, and she loves to dip her chicken strips into it. After her chicken was gone, she proceeded to dip her finger in the sauce and lick it off until there was no sauce left. A girl after my own heart!
March 30: toy
This is Alli's new favorite toy. Lila didn't care too much for it, but Alli has the best time moving all of the pieces around and will even chew on the wire sometimes when her teeth are bothering her. 
March 31: where you relax
No description needed for this paradise!

More Cousin Time

While I was at the beach last weekend, Josh's mom spent a few days and one night at my mom's house to visit with the girls. Meanwhile, Josh's sister brought her kids over to play with Lila and Alli. Coleman and Lila always have so much fun together, and I love watching them interact with one another.  I wasn't there this time, but Melissa took her camera and sent me some pictures of the four of them playing together. Soon all four cousins will be able to play together! Here are some of the pictures:
Checking out each other's games on the iPhones
Sweet hugs for Alli
Lila trying to steal some of Coleman's snacks
Mr. and Mrs. Crazy Boxhead!
Doing a little reading
Caroline and Alli

Rachel's Jerseylicious Bachelorette Night

Rachel requested that all of us don our best Jersey Shore attire for going out on Saturday night (it's only appropriate for a girl that's marrying at real Jersey boy!) . Since she's the bride, we all obliged. Monica provided the "poofing" services for our hair, and we all put on our tightest, most Snooki-like dresses, skirts,  heels, and shirts and got the party started.
We began the night with a lingere shower for Rachel, and she got some pretty cute things. Monica gave her a sexy bra/apron that she proceeded to wear around the condo while we were getting dressed. I have to admit, it was a great show. After the shower, we called the cabs and made out way to The Swamp, which was one of the bars in Destin that I knew where we wouldn't completely stick out like sore thumbs.  There was a fun band, a REALLY hot bartender, and some questionable characters there that desperately wanted to dance with us girls (mainly Anna C. :) !). I CAN'T wait for the wedding festivities to start in Auburn TWO WEEKS from today!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rachel's Bachelorette Weekend: Day 3

The Saturday of Rachel's Bachelorette party was GORGEOUS! It was the most perfect temperature, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  We all had such a great time sitting on the beach, talking, laughing, making "Z"s (for Rachel's future last name, Zelinski) in the sand with Corona bottles, doing handstands and round offs, and getting lots and lots of sun (with plenty of sunscreen, of course).  Ashley and Anna had the brilliant idea of bringing all of the deli meat, cheese, bread, condiments, and chips down to the beach so that none of us had to leave the sun for one minute, not even for lunch. We could not have asked for a better last day at the beach!
Maggie and her cute 22 week baby belly
The happy bride
 Rachel and me with our tandem handstands
 Maggie helping Anna with her handstand
 The condo
 Alpha Gams 
 mandatory Alpha Gam squirrel pose
 Rachel posing next to her Corona "Z"
At the end of the day, none of us felt like showering so we decided to walk down to the Crab Trap in our bathing suits. It was so good, and after we were stuffed, we walked back to the condo to get ready for our fun evening!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March Photo Challenge Week 4

Sorry I'm a little late to post on this week's challenge! I've had a good excuse...a bachelorette weekend celebrating my best friend, Rachel's upcoming marriage in Destin, Florida!!!

March 19: funny
Rachel wanted to have a Jersey Shore night to celebrate her Bachelorette party, so we all agreed and donned our best "Snooki" poofs and leopard print for our bff!
March 20: before/after
The playroom always provides a good before and after picture. It looks so different when it's clean, because I mainly see it completely destroyed by tornados Lila and Alli!
March 21: delicious
Beyond the sweet koozie and red solo cup is a delicious mimosa waiting for me to enjoy in the sand!
March 22: books
I'm at my parent's condo in Destin, Florida, as I mentioned above, and I love all of the beachy books that my mom has around for decoration!
March 23: moon
There was such a little crescent moon the other night!
March 24: animal
This is the first animal that came to mind for this project. Although he can drive the girls and me crazy at times, he really is the best dog in the history of dogs. He lets the girls crawl on him, pull on him, tease him with food, and shove him out the door saying "out out woo woo (Lila's name for him)"...and he still loves them!
March 25: breakfast
Okay, so I cheated a little. This isn't breakfast, but rather it is lunch. I hardly have time or remember to bring out the camera at breakfast, so I decided to change the meal instead. She was having so much fun dunking her chicken (and her finger) in the Chick Fil A sauce. She loves it almost as much as me!

Rachel's Bachelorette Weekend: Day 2

Friday was a dreary day at the beach, and it pretty much rained all day. We did get to enjoy two hours on the cloudy beach before the rain came, however. Even though it was yucky outside, we made the most of it and played Apples to Apples and relaxed inside while we waited for the rest of the girls to get there. Most everyone made it to the condo around 4 in the afternoon, and we all got ready to go out to eat at Tommy Bahama Cafe. It's another one of my favorite restaurants, and I figured that since they have a little bit of everything, it would be perfect for our group. The meal was so delicious and we all were stuffed.
We were going to go out at Baytowne Wharf after dinner, but Rachel wanted to save up her energy for the following night, so we made our way back to the condo to hang out there for the rest of the evening. Everyone quickly changed into their pjs and we spent the rest of the night hanging out, catching up, and making our stomachs hurt from laughing so hard.

Rachel's Bachelorette Weekend: Day 1

On Thursday, Monica, Anna, Rachel and I headed down to Destin, Florida for Rachel's Bachelorette weekend at the beach. We left bright and early before the sun was up, and we made it to the beach by noon. It was such a gorgeous day, and we all had such a relaxing time drinking mimosas and soaking up the sun rays and ocean mist.
That night, after Emily and another Anna got there, we went across the street to Camile's for dinner. It's definitely one of my favorite places to eat in Destin, and this time it did not disappoint either.  We had lots of sushi, fish, wine, and pasta. Once we got home, I went to bed (not used to staying up past 10:30! Plus, I had been up since 5 that morning!), but everyone else stayed up, and I hear that there was even a late night dip in the ocean and pool (some with clothes, some without!).

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fun with Grammy and Granddaddy

We got in town yesterday afternoon and went straight to my dad's office to visit with my dad and my sister. Everyone at the office was so excited to see the girls, and they were so well-behaved! They were great on the flight, and they are so happy to be at Grammy and Granddaddy's house!

Here are some iPhone pics that I took yesterday:


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