Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Grant's Second Birthday Party

Grant had his sweet birthday party on his actual birthday, September 12th, at Champion Kids (just like Alli).  It was mainly Lila and Alli's friends there, but he had a few sweet little classmates and friends there.  He was especially excited for his little girlfriend, Olivia, to be there.  They are so cute playing together and spent pretty much the whole party chasing each other around. It was a great time celebrating our baby turning TWO!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Alli's 4th Birthday Party-Ninja Turtle Style

Alli turned four on July 13th and had her birthday party the next weekend on the 18th at Champion Kids.  They always do such a great job there (minus the terrible lighting in the gym haha, but no one else cares about that except me), and the kids love having their birthday parties there.  Alli wanted at Ninja Turtle party, which is very Alli :).  It was really cute, and it was so great to see her friends from school again.


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