Friday, May 30, 2014

Last Day of Happy Harbour

May 23rd was the last day of school for the girls, and it was also the last day that they will attend Happy Harbour.  I am so sad to be leaving this great school, and the girls have had the best time at this school! We will miss all of the teachers there SO much!
Lila with her sweet teachers: Ms. Dee and Ms. Tracie
Alli with Ms. Renee who Lila had too :)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Eight Months Old *May 12, 2014*

Eight months has gone by so quickly, and Grant has grown to be such a happy baby.  He loves that he is mobile now, and he spends his days army crawling to get to whatever toy he sets his eyes on...although his favorites are still water bottles, phones, and keys.  He is the best sleeper, loves his big sisters, and has the happiest disposition.  I better get started with the first birthday party planning!
Here's what you're up to:

*You weigh 17.8 pounds.

*You still go down for bed right at 8pm.  You can't make it much later as you get really fussy.  You only like to sleep in your crib, car seat, or swing.  You won't fall asleep in our arms anymore (tear).

*You haven't had to go back to sleep in your swing in several weeks.  Good thing too, because you are about to max out the weight limit for it!

*You will wake up around 7am wanting a bottle.  I give it to you in bed (it's alright because you still don't have any teeth!), and you will drink the 8 ounces super fast.

*Nap time is still wonderful.  You will sleep from 2pm until around 5pm.  Your morning naps are still scattered,  but it doesn't seem to bother you.

*You still love to sleep with your whole body as close to the bumper pads as you can get.  You even try to bury your face deep into the bumper pads.

*When we put you down for your naps, you will play with the toys in your crib for a while (sometimes even an hour).  I love that you have the freedom of mobility now, you are so much happier!

*Speaking of mobility, you are officially army crawling everywhere.  You aren't very fast yet, but you are one determined little boy to get to where you want to be.

*You are finally starting to like your solid foods a little better.  You love the squeeze pouches with the fruit and veggies mixed with oatmeal.

*You still drink 8 ounces of milk every 2-3 hours.

*You love to hold your bottle with one hand while you feed yourself.  I think it's just to show off your skills.

*Your size 6-month sleepers and outfits are getting a little snug.  The smocked outfits still fit at that size, but you are wearing mostly 9-month clothes.

*You are still in size 2 diapers, but they are getting really snug.

*Still no teeth, but you are still chewing on everything that you can.

*You love love love Lila, and she loves you too.  You are so happy when she talks "baby talk" to you.

*You are so ticklish, and we can always get you to giggle by ticking your inner thighs and under your chin.  You also love to be scared and laugh hysterically when we say "BOO!".

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sev and Libbie's Vegas Wedding

One of Josh and my best friend's, Sev, got married Mother's Day weekend in Las Vegas.  Everyone stayed at the Planet Hollywood resort and casino, and it was such a fun place.  We checked in on Thursday afternoon, and took a tour of the place, grabbed a drink, shopped a bit (bought some new Ray Bans), and then met the group upstairs in the bridal suite for the welcome cocktail party.  We socialized for a bit, and then we went across the street the O Show at the Bellagio with Bryan and his girlfriend, Michelle.  The show was so neat, and we had great seats!  Josh wasn't feeling great that night, so we went back to the room and went to bed shortly afterwards.
Bar in our hotel
Friday morning, we woke up bright and early (due to the two hour time difference), and made our way to Mon Ami Gabi for breakfast. We had great seats right on the street underneath the Eiffel Towel.  We both had eggs benedict, and it was delicious! After breakfast, we made our way down the strip, stopping in several resorts to check them out.  We loved the Venetian, and we took a gondola ride around the inside of the resort.  After being "tourists" for the morning, we went back to Planet Hollywood, and we met our friends at the pool before the guys needed to head to the wedding.  While Josh was taking pictures before the wedding, Michelle and I walked around the Miracle Mile shops to kill some time before we needed to get ready.
breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi
Josh wanted to see the pirate ship
The wedding was at the Neon Museum, and it was the coolest venue.  It was a neon sign graveyard, and they had old signs from the casinos and buildings from around the area.  Instead of formal seating, there were couches and cocktail tables set up around the venue for a lounge feel.  It was a very informal wedding, and the wedding party walked in and was able to sit with us during the ceremony.  The food was great, especially the passed appetizers. We had a blast dancing to the DJ and visiting with all of our good friends, and some of our friend's parents that we hadn't seen in way too long.

On Saturday morning, we woke up a little early again, not on purpose, and headed to breakfast next door at Sugar Factory.  It was another great breakfast, and after we finished, we made our way down the other direction of the strip that we walked the day before.  We walked around the Aria and New York,  and I talked Josh into riding the roller coaster at New York, New York with me.  It was such a fun ride, and I'm surprised that we actually had the guts to ride it!  After being tourists again for the morning, we met up with our friends at our cabana at the pool.  It was an awesome time that day, but especially that whole weekend! It was such a blast visiting with old friends again, and we may have even had a bit too much fun like old times :)!  That night, Josh and I ate some delicious sushi at Tao before meeting up with everyone at the Paris piano bar and then calling it a night. It was such an awesome weekend!
the delicious Tao tini
It was fun, Vegas!
We are so happy for Sev and Libbie, and we hope to come out to Denver to see them sometime soon!


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