Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Look Back...

...at 2013

*Found out we were pregnant with Grant on the 5th!
*Celebrated Alli's half birthday on the 13th
*Had Josh's family come to visit and celebrate Lila's birthday with us
*Celebrated Lila's 3rd birthday with a party at the Painted Potter.

*Started the month off with a trip to Disney World for Lila's 3rd birthday (Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Dinner with Cinderella).
*We announced our pregnancy on the blog and Facebook.
*Celebrated Lila's good friends' birthdays.
*Had a Rodeo party at Happy Harbour.

*Had an early ultrasound and the tech guess another girl.
*Spent some time on Spring Break at the Children's Museum and Galveston Beach.
*Celebrated Easter late in the month with visiting the Easter Bunny, attending a wonderful service at University Baptist Church, and having lunch with our Sunday School friends.

*We found out we were having a baby boy!
*We went strawberry picking with friends.
*Got to see baby Grant on the ultrasound at 18 weeks.
*Went to Atlanta, then to Charleston, for Kristin Mears's wedding.

*Went to Virginia Beach for Jeff Baker's wedding.
*Celebrated Mother's Day, and the girls and Josh spoiled me.
*Got to see Grant on the ultrasound again due to a previous cyst.  
*Said goodbye to our wonderful Angelfish teachers at Happy Harbour.

*Put the girls into the same room, and they love it.
*Summer arrived in full force, and we got to spend some time outside in the water.
*Played around in a lemonade stand.
*Started swim lessons at Acrosport.
*Celebrated Father's Day with Josh.
*Had a fun night out at the MOMs Club annual dinner.

*Went to Atlanta for a baby sprinkle for baby Grant.
*Celebrated Alli's 2nd birthday in Texas with a party at The Little Gym.
*Had a fun birthday party for America at our church.
*Got to see Grant's sweet face in 3D.
*Celebrated our FIVE year wedding anniversary.
*I coached Lila's first soccer game.

*Had a sprinkle for Grant in Texas.
*Had a baby shower by my awesome tennis friends in Texas.
*Josh and I did a little maternity shoot at Challenger Park.
*The girls started their first year of Kennedy dance.
*The girls got to meet their new teachers at Happy Harbour for the 2013-2014 year.

*The girls had their last day of Acrosport and their gymnastics performance.
*The girls started the Angelfish and Sea Turtle classes at Happy Harbour.
*Baby Grant was born on the 13th!
*Had fun with family in town for Grant's birth day.

*Watched the girls become awesome big sisters.
*Visited the pumpkin patch a couple times.
*Had fun carving pumpkins that we picked.
*Played around at Happy Harbour's Fall Festival.
*Had a blast at the Halloween party at the Children's Museum.
*Had a great Halloween.
*Adjusted to life with a newborn again.

*Had fun watching princesses ice skate at Disney on Ice.
*Visited Santa for the first time as sisters and brother at the mall.
*Visited Santa at Happy Harbour as well.
*Alli loved Santa this year!
*Had a wonderful Thanksgiving week in Destin, Florida.
*Watched the best Iron Bowl in the history of Iron Bowls!

*Watched the girls dance at Village on the Green.
*Watched the girls' sing Christmas songs at their preschool program.
*Had an awesome Christmas at our house in Texas.
*Had a good week in Atlanta a few days after Christmas to celebrate with family.

We have been blessed beyond belief in 2013, and I am looking forward to what 2014 may bring.  There are so many uncertainties  that will come this year with Josh's job, to when the Coast Guard will let him go/dissolve his job, to when our house will sell, to where we will be living.  God has a plan for our family, and I will have to learn to trust and obey much better this coming year! 

Happy happy 2014!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

We had such a wonderful and relaxing Christmas day this year.  It wasn't raining like last year, so we were all able to enjoy the trampoline that Santa brought outside too. Santa was very good to the kids, and they are some blessed little ones for sure.

Alli's favorite toy happened to be the Woody from the night before, but her second favorite was the big doll house (which really surprised me!).  Lila loved her princess dresses (specifically Ariel) the best, and Grant had a good time playing in his piano play yard.
loving their Umi Car
outfit change #1 of #500
outfit change #
Grant loved his treasure from Santa
Traditional Christmas day breakfast casserole


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