Tuesday, August 24, 2010

6-Month Portraits

As some of you know, I'm obsessed with pictures. I love taking pictures, being in pictures, and looking at pictures. I was so excited to find out today that the slideshow of Lila's 6-Month portraits are up! They are so beautiful, and our photographer, Laura Negri is so talented! My mom even got to be in a few of the pictures! Here is the link to the slideshow. Enjoy! :-)


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby things we are LOVING these days

I just love a good list! So, while baby napped today, I compiled a list of the everyday items that get us through the days here at the Gentry house!

1) Sony Baby Call Monitor
I love this monitor! I'm a really tough sleeper in the fact that I have to have it dead silent! This monitor is so quiet, has no feedback, and has the red lines that you can tell when she is fussing, talking, or screaming depending on how many red circles light up. This was really helpful when we were trying to let her cry-it-out in the middle of the night. I didn't have to hear the screaming...I could see it!

2) Take and Toss bowls and Munchkin Spoons
Despite the fact that they come in cute, girlie, and fun colors, they are really helpful in feeding on-the-go. Now that Lila is eating solid food, these bowls have been a life-saver! We can mix up all sorts of delicious (haha-yeah right) meals for her and take it with us, rather than having to haul a bunch of baby food jars around!. To go with the feeding item, we also love the Munchkin spoons. They fit in her mouth great, are easy to hold, and come in really cute colors also. I mean, you have to be stylish when eating too! 

3) Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Jumperoo
The look on her face says it all! She LOVES this thing! I even wrote a whole post just about how much she loves this jumperoo. No need to say more!

4) Combi Pink GT Walker
I'm pretty sure I've done a whole post about how much she loves this car walker as well. She walks all over the house with this precious pink car! She even practices driving like her Grammy by laying on the horn every 30 seconds (sorry mom, I had to throw that out there!). 

5) Fisher Price Space-Saver High-Chair
This high-chair is great because it just hooks on one of your regular dining chairs. It serves all the purposes of a regular high-chair without taking up the space. It reclines back so it's easy to feed Lila her soupy, mashed up baby food, but is able to sit up straight when she is older and is eating more solid, solid food. 

6) Personalized, over-sized hair bows, and tutus-All Things Girlie!
I really don't have to say any more with this item. I love all things girlie: big bows, big tutus, and cute outfits. Believe it or not (as seen in the above picture) not all of her outfits have pink in them-but I'd be completely okay with it if they did. 

7) My Canon Rebel T1i Camera
Okay, so this isn't a "baby item," but it might as well be since all I use it for is to take pictures of Lila! I am obsessed with my camera and love to take pictures, especially of people. This camera is awesome for portraits as you can really let the subject stand out against a blurred background

What are your favorite baby things that you can't live without???

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bouncer Fun

I was holding out on buying Lila a bouncer because (1) They are expensive and (2) She has PLENTY of other toys to play with around the house, including a walker to use to help her with her motor skills. However, she couldn't get enough of the Fisher Price bouncer that my mom had for her at their house when we visited last week. When we got back home, I decided to break down and buy her one, the same cute ocean bouncer that my mom had for her. She doesn't quite touch the ground all the way yet (even with it on it's lowest setting), so we had to put a pillow underneath so that she could actually bounce. I've got to add this to the list of baby things that we are LOVING these days!

 Loving Life in her bouncer
All bounced out! So sleepy!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Volume Control

Lila has yet to learn volume control...Actually, I think it's just the opposite. She has learned that her favorite volumes are LOUD and LOUDER. It's all funny and cute when were at our house, but not so much when we're in the grocery store, out to dinner, or really any place that we go in public. She wants everyone to know that Miss Thang is in the building!

Mesh Feeder

So I've seen these mesh baby feeders in stores and in pictures, but they always looked so silly to me, not sure why. But, Lila loves food so much that I decided to buy one to see how she'd like it. She loves bananas, so I put a banana in there and let her have at it. She made some curious ans sour faces at the beginning like she wasn't sure what the contraption was, but I am thinking it might also have been because the bananas I used aren't quite as ripe as the bananas used in the baby food jars. I love my bananas on the greener side of yellow, so I might should have waited a bit before giving those to her, but she seemed to get over the bitterness of them and had fun exploring the mush that they made in her mouth and fingers. I put some fruit in the freezer so that tomorrow she can bite down and suck on the frozen fruit. I'm hoping it will help her teeth feel a little better!
 Is this what I'm supposed to do?
What is this?? 
I don't think I like this very much! 
Maybe it's not so bad! 
MMMmmmm Yummy! 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Busy trip to Atlanta

Lila and I got back to our Texas home last night after being in Atlanta visiting friends and family for a week. We started the week off with a birthday party for one of my best friend's little girl, Presleigh. She was so funny with her smash cake, and she loved playing with Lila. 

Thursday, Lila got to see her Great Papa, Great Grandmother, Mamu, and Big Pop at lunch. We had a good visit and great food! Friday, Lila and I both started getting a cold that lasted us the rest of the trip. Poor thing didn't sleep very well the whole time we were there, but we both feel much better now, and she's back to sleeping her 9 hours at night. We spent Friday afternoon at my grandmama's house in Stone Mountain, and had a huge lunch at a local restaurant there. My grandmama loves to order appetizers, and she ordered 4 for the table...there were only 3 adults eating! It was so delicious, and we were stuffed to say the least! My grandmama got to hold Lila for a long while, and Lila loved feeling her face (she loves to touch faces!)

Saturday we both weren't feeling well so we took it easy and relaxed around my parent's house. My friend, Lauren, got married that evening, so Lila stayed with her Grammy while I went to the wedding. Sunday, we had Lila's 6-month portraits done by Laura Negri at a park in Atlanta. She was pretty sleepy for the first half of the session, and then gave some good smiles towards the end. I can't wait to see how they turn out! Monday, my friend and college roommate, Rachel stopped by my parent's house to visit.  Lila fell asleep in her arms as we were talking (which she NEVER does). She loves her Auntie Rachel! We took her to eat at a Mexican restaurant and devoured our weight in cheese dip (love the white cheese-all we have is yellow Tex-Mex cheese here in Texas). That evening, we met Lila's Mamu, Big Pop, and Josh's cousins, Bill and Vickie, down at the Cheesecake Factory at Perimeter Mall. The Cheesecake Factory is my favorite restaurant, so of course the food was delicious, and it was so good to see Lila's other grandparents once more before we headed back to Texas. 

Lila spent most of the day on Tuesday with her Grammy while I had a dentist appointment (boo!). After that, we met her granddaddy at my other favorite restaurant, Thai Spice, at the Forum. I have to make all of the favorite restaurant runs when I'm in town! We had a great visit in Atlanta, despite being sick, and look forward to coming back in a few weeks so that we can make a trip to Auburn for the weekend! 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Half-a-year old! *February 3-August 3*

Happy half-birthday to my baby girl!!! Lila is six months old today! She has grown and changed so much in these last six months, and we've loved every minute of watching her learn new things and become more and more independent each day. 

You are a little over 25 inches long (25%), and you weigh 15 pounds and 13 ounces (50%)-I will apologize in advance for your height issues, being only 60 inches myself! Your head is 17 inches around. Your doctor's appointment was yesterday, and she said that you are just perfect and developing right on track.  You took your shots like a champ, only crying for a few seconds, and not very loud at that. Those are definitely harder on me than you!

Here's what's going on in your world at 6-months old:

*You are sitting up really well now. Your balance is becoming much better, and you can catch yourself when you are starting to lean over when you are sitting. 

*You're finally sleeping a consistent 8-10 hours a night, going to bed at 9 and waking up usually around 6 a.m. Thankfully, you still fit in your swing, and that's where you go from 6 a.m. until around 8 or 9 when you wake up for the last time (buys me a couple more hours!).

*You love grabbing at things. You love to pull on the bugs that dangle from your car seat, as well as the animals on your bouncy seat. You also love to reach for anything that lights up, cell phones, toys, etc.

*Can take your pacifier out of your mouth, and you love to hold it and chew on it. 

*You still love to stand up, and you do a pretty good job of standing up alone when holding onto something. 

*You love to make noises with your mouth. You are also getting good at making consonant sounds. The 'd' and 'g' sounds are your favorites. You will most likely say "dada" first, and I'm okay with that :-)

*You are eating solid foods twice a day (around 1p.m. and again around 7:30 p.m.). We mix rice cereal with breastmilk and then mix in a combination of either bananas, apples, pears, peaches, sweet potatoes, peas, squash, plums, or green beans. So far bananas, apples, and sweet potatoes are your favorite. You are still nursing every 3-4 hours, and when given a bottle, you drink between 5 and 8 ounces at a time. 

*You love to roll, and somehow roll yourself in a circle all the way around in your play mat with walls.  You want to crawl so badly, but just can't figure it out. You scoot like a little inchworm across your play mat on occasion. 

*You love to be tickled, and you think that belly kisses are the funniest thing in the world. 

*When you get tired, you love to climb whoever is holding you. You also get very squirmy and will arch your back and wiggle all over the place. 

*You recognize our faces by big smiles, and get slightly upset when we are out-of-sight. I really hope it's not early separation anxiety, but rather just boredom of being by yourself?? We shall see!   

Here are some comparison pictures to show how much she's grown and changed (although she still looks pretty similar to how she did on her birth day!)

Sweet Lila faces (birth day in the hospital versus present day-six months old)

Chubby baby out of her bath

She's almost grown out of her whale tub now! I'm glad she likes her baths much more now also!

She's almost too big for her pink bouncy seat now.

She takes up so much more room now on her pink play mat. 

That belly has gotten much bigger! Thankfully, mine has shrunk :-)

Daddy wishes she still slept all day on his chest!

She still loves to stick out her tongue (in the hospital versus six months old)

I can't believe that she is already halfway to a year! We are enjoying our precious Lila so much! She is such a good, happy baby and we are so lucky that she is our daughter!!! 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stupid Oil Spill

As if this oil spill hasn't caused enough problems, it's now uprooted Josh's entire boat for two weeks to check out the clean-up efforts. Every news station around town is talking about how the oil-cleaning efforts are working and that there is hardly any oil left in the gulf. However, the Coast Guard still thinks it's a great idea to send Josh's boat, the cutter Skipjack, to attend to the crisis and make sure that the clean-ups are still being conducted and that all of the correct safety precautions are being done. He's gone for 16 days minimum; however, he told me that they may get called in to stay longer. UGH! Oh well, I have lots of activities planned for Lila and me while he's gone. We're also traveling to Atlanta for my friend's daughter's first birthday party, a good friend's wedding, and Lila's sixth-month portraits. I'm really looking forward to the visit in Atlanta, but I'm not looking forward to getting through security with the stroller and our bags by myself! God doesn't give us more than we can handle, so I think I'll be just fine! I know that Josh is doing something positive by going over there, it's just frustrating to think that idiot humans caused this environmental crisis which has effected so many other areas of life for many people and animals.  It makes me sad to see what we have done, and continue to do, to our environment. I just hope that Lila's children have clean air to breathe and clean water to swim in! ...And that's my environmental sermon for this beautiful Sunday!


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