Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Open Gym

Yesterday, we joined our friends Ashley, Karsyn, and Chandler at Acrosport Gym for Open Gym play.  During Open Gym, the entire gym is open for the kids to run around and play with anything and everything that their little hearts desire! Lila and Karsyn had such a great time playing in the foam pit, jumping on the trampoline, climbing on the balance beam and foam objects, and swinging on the bars.  Alli and Chandler also had fun rolling, laying, sitting, and crawling on the gym floor. We were able to get a cute picture of all four babies sitting together, which was surprising since they are all so busy now!
After Open Gym, we took the tired girls to McAlisters for lunch. The babies slept most of the time, and Karsyn and Lila were really well-behaved (thanks to iPhones!!), so Ashley and I could enjoy some good adult conversation. After lunch, Lila and Karsyn had so much fun singing, jumping, twirling, and chasing each other in our little corner of the restaurant. It was so good to have a long visit with them since our lives are both so busy with all of the girl's schedules.

Never too early...

...to start playing tennis!!

I have been taking lessons for the past few weeks with a coach here in Texas, and I asked him about when I could start Lila playing the sport that I grew up loving. He said that 2 years old is a perfect age to get Lila used to swinging a tennis racket. He suggested that we use balloons as tennis balls to help her practice her swing. She LOVES to volley at the balloon and actually has pretty great form (for a 2-year old)! I can't wait until next year to get her actually on the court with real lessons!!

so concentrated
 being silly

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Showering Kim

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a baby shower honoring my good friend Kim who moved to Austin right after Alli was born. Her son Brody and my daughter Lila are only a month apart, so we became close friends while watching our babies grow up together. I was so sad when she told me that she was moving, but I know that this move is a great opportunity for their family!

Right about the time that they found out they were moving, they also found out that they were pregnant with baby Kirby. Kim was thrilled to hear that she was having a girl, so I was really excited to be able to give her some fun, girly gifts for her new little bundle of joy!  Kirby is already one loved baby girl, and we had such a great time showering Kim with good food, desserts, and girlie gifts for Kirby Kay at the Holly Berry Tea Room in downtown League City!

Playtime with Coleman and Caroline

The last full day that we were in Atlanta, Mamu and Aunt Melissa brought Coleman and Caroline to play with Lila and Alli. They played so well together, even though the word "mine" was thrown around several times (2-year olds are such a joy...sigh). Alli enjoyed having someone smaller than her around and kept trying to pat her on the head. She would look at her with such surprise and shock and seemed to be so happy to have a friend more her size than Lila. Coleman and Lila had fun playing in Lila's princess tent, and when Coleman would try to get out, Lila would grab his pants and say "no Colkie (which is what she calls Coleman)".  They are so lucky to have cousins that are so close in age, and I'm glad that we get to visit with them so often! See y'all again in March!
Lila giving everyone kisses
All four cousins playing together

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Visit with the Allisons in Clarkesville, Georgia

The girls that were present: Carol Anne, Nana, Marty, Joyce, Lila, Me, Alli, my mom (Beth), Ellie, Nancy, and Merideth
On Monday, Lila, Alli, my mom, and I headed up to the mountains of Clarkesville, Georgia to visit with the Allisons (my Nana's sister-in-law and her children). My little Alli gets her name from this side of the family (it is Nana's maiden name). We usually see them at Christmas every couple of years, but we couldn't find a time to get together until this month! It has been so long since I've seen them that they got to meet both of my girls for the first time this trip.

My cousin Merideth has a 2 year old girl name Ellie, and I was so excited to meet her and introduce her to Lila.  I knew that they would have so much fun playing together, and they sure did.  They twirled together, watched tv, played with trains and pretend cameras, rocked in rocking chairs, climbed on benches, ran on the deck, and gave each other lots of kisses through the porch door. They were so cute together, and it was so much fun to watch them play. Ellie is such a sweet little girl as are her big brothers, Tate and Brit. They both kept Alli entertained as well.

We had such a great time visiting with the Allisons and hope that it won't be so long in between visits next time!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lila's First Piano Lesson

Looking at a picture of her great great great great grandfather

On Sunday afternoon, we went to my Nana and Pop's house for lunch with my aunt Boo and uncle Greg and cousin Allison.  Aunt Boo made the most delicious lasagna and stuffed shells, and Nana's salad made from lettuce straight from her garden was the best I've had in a LONG time! It was so nice to get all of these home-cooked meals while I was home since I don't exactly have the time (or motivation) to make such devine meals at home while Josh is gone!
Pop and Nana have a piano in their dining room that I have always loved to listen to (I have no idea how to play myself) when we visit. My uncle Scott usually gives us a show while we are there, but he wasn't able to come, so Lila decided to take his place. She had fun banging on the keys, and Pop was able to give her her first piano lesson while she sat on his lap. He played Jesus Loves Me while holding her little finger to press the keys. It was so cute, and she even thought it was funny when he messed up a little :) It's so special that Lila and Alli get to have such a special relationship with their great grandparents!

Rachel's Shower at the Swan Coach House

The whole reason for my visit to Atlanta this past week was the bridal shower that my mom and I threw for my best college friend, Rachel at the Swan Coach House. I just love the Swan House, and it is a requirement as a Southern bride to have at least one bridal shower or luncheon there! Therefore, my mom and I were so excited to host Rachel's shower for her family and friends here in Atlanta. It was so nice to get to know some of the other bridesmaids that I haven't met before as well as meet her aunts and cousins!
It had been WAY too long since I've seen Rachel (almost a year and a half!!), and it was so nice to catch up face to face (although our skype dates are nice too)!! The shower was lovely, the food was delicious, and Rachel got some great presents! I can't wait until the bachelorette party next month!
 Alpha Gam-squirrel pic :)


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