Wednesday, March 30, 2011


How far along: 24 weeks today-roughly 16 left to go!

Size of baby: about 12 inches and just over a pound.

Total weight gain/loss: +12 pounds total

Maternity clothes: a good mixture. I broke down and bought a new pair of maternity jeans since my old ones from Lila's pregnancy are too big (insert big smile here), so I've been wearing those as much as I can because the temperature outside is starting to creep up to the mid-80's most days and I want to get some wear out of them before it's too hot! I can still wear my non-maternity skinny jeans, some shorts, and a lot of flowy tops and dresses.  

Gender: a GIRL!

Movement: Yes!! She definitely has more of a pattern than Lila did. I can always feel her moving around 9am and 9pm no matter what I'm doing. The other day in church I thought she must have been doing some Jazzercise because she was wiggling around the whole service!

Contractions: I started having Braxton-Hicks contractions at around 18 weeks, which is MUCH earlier than last time, which I hear is completely normal for your second pregnancy. Although they are annoying, it's good that my body is already starting to get ready for labor.

Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty good right now, although sleeping on my side is not the most comfortable thing for me to do. Plus, our house is "energy efficient" and our thermostat only goes down to 68, so I've been getting really hot at night (we love it COLD when we sleep!).  We will definitely have to get that fixed this coming month!

What I miss: everything!! I have wanted wine and champagne much more this pregnancy, but haven't given in yet.  I've also wanted sushi (the good, raw kind!) more than last time. We went on a mini-vacation to Galveston Beach a couple weekends ago and I really missed not being able to have a cocktail at the swim-up bar, although the virgin daiquiris still tasted delicious!

Cravings: Cheetos, anything sweet (mainly chocolate and cake), and deli sandwiches (yeah I know they're supposed to be a no-no, but I just try to not have them everyday!). Also, Chick-fil-A chicken biscuits and McDonald's sausage and cheese biscuits (I'm getting hungry just typing this). 

Best moment this week: Taking Lila to Froberg's Farm to pick strawberries. It was so much fun to watch her go to town and have the time of her life picking the strawberries straight from the vine and shoving them into her mouth. She is such a funny kid, and I just love watching her in her element.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Low-Key Monday

I woke up not feeling 100%, mainly due to allergies caused by the pollen, so Lila and I have had a pretty low-key day. She started off the morning as usual by playing, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and reading in her playroom before we met a friend and her baby up at the library for Book Babies. I had never gone to book babies before, but it was a really cute program, and Lila really enjoyed all of the songs. Afterwards, we (she) tested out the baby pool. It is cloudy and a little chilly outside, so we I didn't last very long, but Lila was having a great time climbing in and out. This type of weather makes me just want to put on pjs and lay around all day, so that's pretty much what I've been doing ever since Lila has been napping... even though I should be finishing my research paper.
What's a blog post without pictures?!? so,  here are some pictures of our day:
 playing outside with Chevy
 Reading her Sesame Street book
 I just love watching her push her toys around...and the back of her outfit
 crying because the book she is carrying is a lot heavier than she thought it was
 testing out the water
 It's cold, but I'm going in anyways!
 having so much fun
I'm cold, time to get out!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunny, Smiley Sunday

Psalm 9:1
I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will show forth all thy marvellous works.

We have so much to give thanks and praise for over here. The weather is beautiful, we have our health, and we have a precious baby girl that lights up our hearts.  I just love Sundays. I love getting dressed, going to church, having a fun lunch afterwards, and being playful and/or lazy the rest of the day. Lila enjoys Sunday too. She loves the church nursery and loves just playing for hours at her house without having to go anywhere. She was so cute this morning, so of course, I had to take her picture. I also love her dress, so I have to document her wearing it :) 
 playing in the yard
 I just love that cute heiny :)
 squeezing her monkey
 laughing at Chevy rolling around in the grass

Strawberry Picking at Froberg's Farm

Yesterday, we took Lila to Froberg's Farm in Alvin, Texas to pick strawberries. I knew she would love it because strawberries are her favorite food in the whole world! She was literally a kid in a candy store out in the strawberry field. She picked the berries off of the vine as fast as she could and would shove the whole thing in her mouth at once. She would eventually pull out the green leaves (I'm sure that tasted yummy!).  Froberg's Farm is such a neat place! They have acres of strawberry fields, a huge open-air farmers market, and a little picnic area/playground with the most beautiful trees shading it. We didn't plan on spending much time there after we got our strawberries (Josh had a TON of yard work to do), but we couldn't help but look around and let Lila explore the farm. We will definitely be going back when our many strawberries run out, but I think we will wear red next time :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bluebonnet Patch

Josh had today off from work, so we decided to take Lila to the bluebonnet pasture that is down the street from our neighborhood. It's literally close enough to walk to, which is so nice! The flowers are absolutely beautiful, not to mention, they make GREAT photo ops! Anything for some great pictures right?!? She loved touching the flowers and didn't try to pick them, which I was surprised, but happy about. It was SUPER windy (as you can see from her hair being blown around in the pictures), and she thought it was so great to be outside with the wind blowing in her face. She had a great time, and of course we had a great time watching her roam in the flowers. She is so happy to be fully mobile now and thinks the world is hers for the taking!
 Chevy got to come too!
 sweet girl loving on her flowers
 The bluebonnets are gorgeous!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baby Pool Playdate

Our friends in the neighborhood invited us over yesterday afternoon for lunch and a baby pool playdate. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and it was so nice to sit in the sun and watch Lila climb in and out of their inflatable baby pool. She is such a little water bug and had the best time flopping into and splashing in the water.  She loved her pink sunglasses, which I'm surprised, since she won't keep a bow in her hair hardly anymore! I guess she remembered them from good times this past summer. Watching her swim in the baby pool made me long for summer and for our neighborhood pool to open up. Of course in the meantime, I had to buy a baby pool so that Lila could swim at our house as well! Thanks Terra for a great playdate!
 ready to put her sunscreen on 
 making a run for the pool
 testing out the water
 water feels great
 splashing in the water with Karsyn
 The mamas getting some sun
time to put more lotion on me, mom!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Getaway to Galveston Beach

Josh had Friday off and it was going to be beautiful weather, so we decided Thursday evening to book a hotel room down in Galveston for the weekend.  We stayed at the San Luis Resort which is such a beautiful place!
We got down there Friday afternoon and sat by the pool while we waited for our room to become ready for check-in. We didn't have our bathing suits with us since they were packed away in our suitcases, so I took Lila's clothes off (except for her diaper) and rolled up my pants and we took advantage of the heated pool.  Lila had a great time playing and splashing on the steps, and it made our wait so much shorter!
Soggy wet diaper from the pool

Once we got in our room, we quickly changed into our bathing suits so that we could head back down to the gorgeous pool to take advantage of the beautiful weather and setting. We swam until around 5ish when we went back up to get ready for dinner.
We took Lila to the Rainforest Cafe and only had to wait about 45 minutes (not terrible for a Friday night on Spring Break) for a table. She got a chance to walk around the patio and meet some friends as we waited for our table (see video below). She loved watching the animated gorilla that was near our table, which was a nice distraction to keep her entertained while we could enjoy our meal!

Friday night was a little rough, to say the least, with Lila sleeping in the same room as us. She went to bed way past her bedtime but also had a hard time getting to sleep until we actually went to bed (shortly after) because she could see us and wondered why she was trapped in her crib. Throughout the night she woke up about every 2 hours, would let out a small cry, and then go back to sleep. Of course, I'm glad she would get herself back to sleep, but it woke me up every single time! That morning she woke up at 6am (which is about 2 hours earlier than she wakes up at home), so we put her in bed with us. Surprisingly she fell back asleep around 6:30, but I didn't because she was snoring so LOUD!
Once we all woke up, we got dressed to go down to the pool for the day. We had to get out there super early to get a chair, so we put our stuff down and walked across the street to the beach. The beach isn't near as nice as Destin's beach (we were so spoiled living there for two years!), but it is still a beach, and Lila didn't seem to notice the difference. She had a great time walking around and picking up seashells. She even tasted a few handfulls of sand (gross, I know!).

We spent the rest of the day at the pool and had such a great, relaxing time. It wasn't quite as crowded as it was the previous day, which was nice! Lila is such a little water bug and literally was jumping off the sides into the pool (while we were right there to catch her!). I wish I could have gotten video of that, but I don't have a waterproof camera.
That night, we had a babysitter stay with Lila in the room while we went downstairs to The Steakhouse restaurant. It was such a nice, delicious meal, and we even got to witness a proposal in the booth next to us! After dinner, we hung out and talked by the pool bar until it was time to relieve the babysitter. It was so great to spend time just the two of us!
Sunday morning, we packed up, ate breakfast, and headed back to our home in League City. Thankfully, we only had to drive about 40 minutes to get back to reality. Now we're home, and glad to be there, but I can't wait for our neighborhood pool to open up! It was so nice to spend the weekend with the family and have no other worries!
Lila didn't want to leave her mini-vacation!


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