Friday, September 28, 2012

Playgroup in Atlanta

I love that when we visit my parents in Atlanta, we get to meet up with friends who have children the same ages as mine.  Lila loves playing with Carter, and now I think she has a crush on her new friend, Bennett. She looked at his picture in my phone about 100 times since we took it, and she always shows me saying "look look Bennett." Her first crush maybe?!?

Most of the ladies in the playgroup are expecting their second baby (mostly boys too), so it was fun to see them and their cute baby bellies again! The next time we are in Atlanta, these new babies will actually be here, and I can't wait to meet them! As always, thanks for letting me join your playgroup for the day, we'll miss you guys over the next three months!
Lila and her crush ;)
she looooves him
Lila and Carter playing instead of posing haha...pretty normal
Lila and Carter

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kimberly's Last 2 Bridal Showers

Yes, I know this is backtracking a little since the wedding posts have already been made...however, I've been really busy with editing photos of my clients that I'm just now getting around to editing these shower pictures.

Kimberly had her second to last shower at the Swan Coach House, and it was hosted by one of her best high school friends and her mom. It was a gorgeous shower, and we had their delicious chicken salad, frozen fruit salad,  cheese straws, mimosas, and swan moose dessert for lunch. It was such a nice day outside, and it was great to visit with friends and family.
Her last shower was hosted by my mom's good friend in the neighborhood, Andrea. Andrea's house is absolutely gorgeous, and it was nice to not have to travel very far for this one since she lives down the street from my parents. She had a beautiful spread of homemade desserts which were so good! The truffles were definitely my favorite, but everything was to-die-for. It was great seeing my parent's neighbors again and catching up with everyone. Kimberly got a lot of great presents, including some lingerie from one of the neighbors. It was a perfect bridal shower to end with, and we had so much fun!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Celebrating Mr. and Mrs. Herbig!

Our good high school friends, Kristin and PJ, have been dating since senior (or junior...can't remember) year of high school and finally tied the knot last weekend (9*22*12). The wedding was in Greenville, South Carolina, and it could not have been a more perfect weekend weather-wise!
The wedding was held at the Westin in downtown Greenville, and the town is set up to where everything you would ever need is within a few blocks.  We started the wedding day off at the Carolina Ale House, a bar and grill across the street from the hotel.  The upstairs was partly in the open air so it felt awesome to sit, watch football, and have some mimosas with our friends. It had been a while since we had seen most of them, so it was so exciting to get to catch up and meet their significant others :)
The ceremony was at Grace Baptist church, a block behind the hotel, so again, we were able to walk. It was a beautiful ceremony, and I loved her flowers! They were a mix of whites, pinks, blues, and greens. After the ceremony, we walked our way back to the Westin, took a shot of espresso, got some drinks, and hit the dance floor. We all didn't leave the dance floor much during the night, and it was a blast! The band even covered some songs that we loved in high school like "Ain't Life Grand" (not your typical wedding song), so it brought us right back!
Once the wedding was over, we sent Kristin and PJ off with sparklers, and they rode away in a carriage behind a beautiful white horse. The band played another 30 minutes before calling it quits, so we got in a few more dances before heading to a bar next door to continue the dance party. We didn't get to bed until late, but it was worth spending the most time possible with our best friends. I miss them already and counting down the days until we can all see each other again at the next wedding or function!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chandler's First Birthday Party

Chandler turned one while we were out of town for Kimberly's wedding, but she waited until the following weekend to have her birthday party.  We were so excited that we could be a part of her special day. Chandler's big sister and Lila are 8 days apart and best friends, so it was only natural that our second set of girls would be best friends too :)
having fun in the ball pit
The party was a pink owl theme, and Ashley did such a great job with it. There was pink everywhere, and it was so pretty! The cake was adorable and very delicious too. They had a bounce house for the big kids, which Lila loved, and a fun owl-themed craft too! Chandler enjoyed the icing on her cake, and looked so cute after a wardrobe change. We had a great time celebrating Chandler's first birthday with her!
Karsyn and Lila bffs
Chandler and her cake

Monday, September 24, 2012

Party Time...Goetz style!

After the ceremony, we celebrated with the happy couple on the limo bus while we made our way to the Swan House to take a few pictures before the reception was kicked off.  The champagne was flowing and the tunes were rockin in the bus, and everyone was in such a celebratory mood.
We took a few pictures in front of the gorgeous Swan House mansion, and then we were free to party. Cocktail hour was outside of the Atlanta History Center next to a beautiful lawn that Lila and Alli loved  running and playing on. Lila also loved the trees around and wanted to climb the "apple tree," as she said.
reception space from the outside
After cocktail hour, we made our way inside the gorgeous ballroom for the reception. There were huge white and blue flower arrangements, mirror top tables, candles everywhere, white rustic picnic tables, and an enormous amount of food. I ended up eating mostly from the raw bar since that was in the corner where we set up shop with the girls. Our sweet friend, Molly Jones, waited in the long line to get  Lila some mac-and-cheese and chicken fingers, which I shared with her, and they were so good.
Mr. and Mrs. Goetz's first dance
The band, The Atlanta Showstoppers, kicked off right away, and they were AMAZING!! Every song that they played was a huge hit, and the dance floor was packed all night. The place erupted when they played "Call Me Maybe", and I'm so impressed with my dad's knowledge of the lyrics! Kimberly and Ralson had a blast, and the band brought them up on stage for a short performance also.
Father-Daughter dance
The reception was definitely a perfect culmination to a perfect weekend, and I'm so happy for my sister and her new husband!


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