Tuesday, February 25, 2014

January iPhone Dump

What we were up to the month of January: 
We did a lot of bottle drinking...and falling asleep while drinking

hanging out in LAX waiting for our plane to go back to Texas

great weather=fun playdates at Jimmy Changas

She wanted to wear a vest like Yeye wears

started potty training Alli, she picked out Jake Pirate underpants

she also picked out a plain white potty

her first "yellow"

our crazy ice storm :)

remnants from our second big ice storm

Friday, February 21, 2014

Karsyn's Princess Tea Party

Lila's BFF, Karsyn, had her 4th birthday at the Holly Berry Tea Room.  It was a princess theme, of course, and all the girls were encouraged to wear their pretty princess dresses. I think Lila got a little jealous, because when someone would hug Karsyn, Lila would say, "no, she's my best friend." Poor Lila, still hasn't learned to share very well yet. Everyone spent their time drinking tea, snacking on sandwiches and fruit, trying on jewelry, and having fun with friends.


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