Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is it time yet???

I have loved (almost) every minute of this pregnancy, and luckily I have had it very easy so far (knock on wood). However, today at the gym was the first time where I have really felt uncomfortable and ready for this baby to be on the outside rather than inside! I swore that I was going to walk and exercise right up until the day that I deliver (which I might still accomplish), but it's getting really hard to stay focused when there is a 6 pound baby bearing down on my bladder and other internal organs! I'm not meaning to sound like Debbie-downer, just thought that I would vent my frustrations with the third trimester!

I can officially say that Josh and I are ready for this baby. We have the hospital bags all packed, car seats installed, maternity pictures taken (I don't know how many dreams that I had that included me delivering before I could get those pictures taken-I'm such a freak, I know!), and now we are just waiting...and waiting...and waiting. Technically, I'm not full-term until Tuesday, so I guess it's best that she holds off until at least then; however, I have a feeling that Lila won't be making her debut until well into February.

Josh finally gets home from work tomorrow morning! It's hard to keep myself entertained for three straight days with just myself and the dog. I've actually done a good job this weekend at keeping myself busy and productive, with minimal DVR and 90210 watching! Off to work on weeks 35 and 36 of Lila's scrapbook!

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  1. The waiting part is so so hard but enjoy it as much as you can. Your whole world is going to change. You will fall more in love with Josh and as soon as you meet sweet baby Lila you are going to wonder if you even knew what love was before she was born.



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