Saturday, November 27, 2010

War Eagle!!

I'm SOOO glad that Lila got to wear her victory dress yet again today!! It's rough being married to an Alabama fan during football season, especially when you have a cute baby to dress up. I was catching up on some school work before the game started yesterday, and when I came downstairs to watch the game, Lila was dressed head-to-tow in Alabama gear. Josh had put her in her Alabama dress, bloomers, and hair bow. Ugh!!! I just couldn't have that, so I had to change her into something "neutral," such as a cream onesie, denim bloomers, and an orange bow. Hey, the bow didn't have any Auburn paraphernalia on it! The first half of the game was pure misery, and I had to leave the house before I had heart failure. BUT, when I came back...they were back on the board 21-27. I still couldn't watch because my blood pressure was getting too high (only halfway kidding!), but ended up watching the last few minutes of the game and was so glad I did. Josh spent the entire first half screaming his little head off, and doing the most obnoxious Bama cheers, but he was MUCH quieter during the second half of the game :). I didn't even rub our big win in his face, despite his annoying first half behavior! He's at work today, so little precious is proudly sporting her Auburn victory dress!!! Thanks Auburn for helping us get our money's worth from this dress! 12-0!! 

Now onto the SEC Championship in the Dome! It'll be the first game I am able to attend all season, but it's not a bad way to start.
Lila says, "War Eagle!"

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