Monday, January 12, 2015

Grant's First Haircut and 14-16 month update

Grant had his first haircut on Friday, January 9th at Pigtails and Crewcuts in Marietta (where Alli also had her first haircut...but she was 3). He loved sitting in the airplane car, and he actually didn't mind the actual haircut either.  He didn't love the part where the stylist had to brush out the tangles in his baby mullet, but once he saw the movie and got some toy trains in his hands, he was just fine.  He looks so cute, and so much older now with his big boy hair cut that I think he needs a few more years of smocked jon-jons to keep him a baby just a bit longer :)

16-Month Update

*Weighs: 21.9 pounds

*Eats: blueberries, strawberries, bananas, oranges, grapes, grilled cheese, mac n cheese,  american cheese, yogurt, squeeze pouches, crackers, chips, green beans....and pretty much anything else as long as you put it on a fork.  He loves using utensils. 

*Says: daddy, dada, baby, bye bye, hi, thank you (ta tu), ball, Elmo ("bo"), this, that, train ("choo choo"), truck, Lila, Alli, 


-loves to climb, but will scream when he realizes that he can't get down by himself (he's a pretty cautious kid)
-can open doors and climb up and down stairs all by himself. 
-loves to open all of the cabinets and draws, and he broke most of our cabinet locks by pulling so hard. 
-loves to take out the sippy cups and try to get water in them out of the fridge by himself, which results in a huge mess.
-pretty much everything he does, he makes a huge mess. 
-he is into EVERYTHING...if there is something that he shouldn't get to, he will find it. 
-he loves to throw anything and everything, and everything spherical is a ball.  He likes to see how far across the room he can throw his blueberries at mealtime. 
-he loves to color with crayons...and eat the crayons
-still takes a bottle at bedtime...not sure why we haven't stopped that yet, probably just out of survival mode. 
-his favorite cups are sister's princess cups
-he loves his sisters so much. 
-likes to climb inside the drawers in the kitchen and bathroom.
-loves loves loves his tubbies and he will literally run upstairs when we say that it's time for bath. 
-he also loves to splash in the toilet water...or pretty much any water. 
-loves to press buttons and watch how things work....maybe Auburn Engineering school is in his future?!?

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