Sunday, February 7, 2010

At home with Lila

We got home from the hospital Friday afternoon, and I have to say, it feels great to be home! My mom is here and she had cleaned the house and washed our clothes and sheets so that everything was ready when we got home. It has been so nice having her here to help with things around the house!!! When we got home, all Josh and I wanted to do was stare at Lila. I swear, I wonder when we will get anything done!?! I tried to watch some of the TV shows that I had DVR'd while at the hospital, and I ended up having to rewind about 100 times because I would be staring at Lila and not watching the show. Josh and I just can't believe we made something so perfect! My mom offered to have night duty the first night  home, which doesn't mean much to me since I still have to wake up to feed her whenever she's awake, but Josh thoroughly enjoyed the help, and I enjoyed talking to my mom during late-night feedings. Lila is such a joy already! She makes the cutest faces, and we've taken literally over 100 pictures of her the past two days. We gave her a bath at home yesterday. Well, my mom gave her a bath while Josh and I nervously watched. I'm really going to have to get used to that before I can do it myself! She hated her bath, but that's to be expected. We've already changed her clothes a bunch too, and every outfit is so adorable. Needless to say, Josh and I are enjoying being parents so much! What a wonderful blessing from God!

Her going-home booties
Her going-home outfitIn her pack-and-play staring at the animal mobileDad playing with her while Chevy watchesMommy kisses in the hospital

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  1. You guys will do great! Don't worry, most of parenting is on-the-job training and divine intervention anyway! Call if you need anything. Lotsa love, Dr E



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