Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Newborn Pictures


I'm so excited to see these pictures that Marla took of Lila last Wednesday! I think Lila is used to pictures by now since she has had a camera in her face since the second she was born! These pictures turned out so great (as I knew they would with such a great photographer!!)! Now I just have to narrow it down to one to use for her birth announcements...I don't know how I'm ever going to do that!!!

Josh goes back to work tomorrow after being off for two whole weeks. I'm trying to enjoy today and not think about it but I can't help but be sad! His schedule is like what a fire-fighter's would be where when he is working, he has to spend the night at the station for two to three nights depending on the rotation. That makes his going back to work a little harder for me to imagine at this point, but life has to get back to normal eventually, right?!?! I'm sure Lila and I will be just fine, but I know she'll miss her dad! She's such a daddy's girl already, it's a little ridiculous!

Have a good day everyone!!!

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