Friday, June 18, 2010

Empty House

The movers were finished loading up their truck on Wednesday, and I hadn't been back to the house since then until today. Josh got over to the house early this morning to vacuum, clean the counters, and go through the liquids that the movers left, all while I got to sleep in with Lila (husband-of-the-year award, I think so!). I went over to the house after we woke up to help him sort through the remaining liquids to see what to toss and take. The house looks so empty!...and sad! I'm not even going to include a picture because it will just make me more sad. Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited to move into our new house! It's just that we've made so many memories in this house. I have to get used to leaving behind houses, because we will be doing that many times throughout Josh's career, but this one was our FIRST! That makes it extra special! We leave for Texas next Wednesday!!! I can't believe our house closing is less than a week away! Until then, this is the view from my bedroom:

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