Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Josh had to work this past weekend, plus it was raining and stormy most of the weekend, so Lila and I didn't really do much but nap (she napped, I wasn't so fortunate, however). But, Josh got home early Monday morning and picked up breakfast for the both of us on his way home. It was such a nice surprise as I didn't expect him home for another couple of hours! It stormed Monday morning, so we ran some errands, and ate our free spicy chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A (which was amazing) while we waited for the storm to blow over. Once it cleared up, we packed up and went for a swim at the neighborhood pool. After two years of living in our neighborhood, Josh had never gone to the pool there! We had so much fun swimming with Lila. She is such a little water bug, and loved every minute of swimming in her lounge that her Grammy gave her. After a swimming for a while, she was worn out and took a long nap while we laid out in the sun. It felt so great to get a tan again! Next weekend my girlfriends come visit to go to the beach!

Video of Josh and Lila swimming in the pool. She was enjoying the water and laughing her cute little laugh!

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  1. You have definitely given me inspiration for everything Carter needs when we go to the beach this summer (especially those sunglasses)!! Lila is just precious. Wish baby C loved the water as much as she does! He was a bit traumatized this weekend because it was SO cold! We'll have to try again ;)



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