Saturday, May 7, 2011


On Wednesday of our trip, Josh's sister invited us over for a cookout to let the babies play together, as well as give Lila a chance to visit her Great Papa, Great Grandmother, Mamu, and Big Pop. She made delicious turkey burgers, of which recipe I will definitely be using! A cold front had come in the day before and it was a chilly 50 something degrees outside (which Lila and I haven't experienced since February!), but the babies didn't seem to mind and enjoyed playing on their new back deck. 

Coleman and Lila are exactly seven weeks apart, and it is so funny to watch them play and interact now. We set them at the picnic table for some photo opportunities and they ended up looking like they were sitting there in trouble together. At one point, Lila got up and started babbling to Coleman about something serious. It seems like she is going to be bossy :( I have no idea where she gets that from! It was funny to watch, although her attitude can be quite embarrassing sometimes. He took her scolding so sweet though and just looked at her like she was crazy!

After dinner, they were cracking up together at these little Easter toys that their Great Grandmother had given them. The moving chicks and bunnies were very entertaining! Once it was getting closer to bedtime, we put the babies in the pjs and tried for another photo op on the couch. Lila kept wanting to crawl off, so we would have to plop her back in place. Coleman thought that was hilarious, so we continued the charade for a while before giving up. Maybe we'll get a still picture with them both looking at the camera and smiling when they are 20-something...I won't hold my breath though :) 

I really wish that we lived closer so that we could get them together more often. But, as long as Josh is in the Coast Guard, the coast is where we have to be!
sitting at the picnic table together
Lila yelling at Coleman for something
Lila looking like she's in time out
Mamu and Big Pop with the babies
playing with their Easter toys
Great Grandparents with the babies being silly
photo time on the couch
Lila being a crazy wild woman
blowing kisses

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