Saturday, May 7, 2011

Visit at Grammy and Granddaddy's House

This past week, Lila and I went to Atlanta to visit family since this was the last time that I could travel before the new baby comes. We were there from Monday to Friday, and it seemed like such a whirlwind! We visited all three sets of Lila's great grandparents, a great aunt and great uncle, second cousins, two aunts, both sets of grandparents, and even managed to hang out with a sweet friend, her baby and their playgroup. I wish I could have taken more pictures while I was there, but I kept forgetting to get out my camera...a first, I know! Here are the few that I took (my next post will have a few additional ones). It's so crazy to think that the next time we are in Atlanta, we will have another little girl with us!!!
Lila and my parent's dog Jackson staring over the baby gate
enjoying the chew toys
being silly
chewing on the high chair toy...can you tell we're still teething??
Lila and her Pop
Me and baby girl
Grammy and Lila
being so dramatic!
 Playing with her toys at Grammy's house
 trying to get as close as she can to the television...She is her daddy's child!

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