Monday, September 17, 2012

Going to the Chapel

Once everyone was dressed, we grabbed our belongings and made our way to Peachtree Road United Methodist Church,where the ceremony would take place, on a beautiful limo bus.  We touched up our hair and makeup (Lila even got to get some lipstick and blush applied), took a few pictures, played with my little flower girls, and waited for 6pm when the ceremony would start. Lila calmed everyone's nerves before the ceremony by entertaining us with her sweetness and going up to each bridesmaid, climbing in their lap saying "Oh hi ___ (fill in bridesmaid's name), I'm Lila!".

Once six o'clock rolled around, it was game time! There ceremony was beautiful, no one fell or dropped the wedding rings (I was so scared about that since it was my job to hold onto Ralson's ring!!), and my Pop sang The Lord's Prayer more beautiful than I have ever heard before.
We are all thrilled that Kimberly and Ralson are finally married, and we were so ready to get the celebration started!!

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