Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kimberly's Last 2 Bridal Showers

Yes, I know this is backtracking a little since the wedding posts have already been made...however, I've been really busy with editing photos of my clients that I'm just now getting around to editing these shower pictures.

Kimberly had her second to last shower at the Swan Coach House, and it was hosted by one of her best high school friends and her mom. It was a gorgeous shower, and we had their delicious chicken salad, frozen fruit salad,  cheese straws, mimosas, and swan moose dessert for lunch. It was such a nice day outside, and it was great to visit with friends and family.
Her last shower was hosted by my mom's good friend in the neighborhood, Andrea. Andrea's house is absolutely gorgeous, and it was nice to not have to travel very far for this one since she lives down the street from my parents. She had a beautiful spread of homemade desserts which were so good! The truffles were definitely my favorite, but everything was to-die-for. It was great seeing my parent's neighbors again and catching up with everyone. Kimberly got a lot of great presents, including some lingerie from one of the neighbors. It was a perfect bridal shower to end with, and we had so much fun!

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