Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Alli: 33-36 Months

April 13-May 13, 2014 (33-34 Months)
*We celebrated Easter this month, and you were a pro at picking up the Easter eggs during the egg hunt.
*We celebrated your birthday at chapel on May 7th for the Summer birthdays. You loved having the birthday blessing sung to you.
*You have gotten to be really scared of loud noises and unfamiliar noises.
*You run inside every time a big truck drives by the road in the back of our house.
*You LOVE going to the gym nursery, and you will be so sad when we move away from it.
*You have started the terrible, horrible 3's, and your attitude and fit throwing is getting bad.
*When you are sweet, you are really sweet, but when you aren't, you are not fun to be around.
*You only want to nap about 3 day per week.  We still make you do quiet time, but sometimes you play in your crib the whole two hours
May 13-June 13, 2014 (34-35 Months)
*You swim like a little fish with your floaties on.  You will jump off the stairs head first into the water.
*We officially said goodbye to Texas on the 12th.  You will miss your friends, but you will miss Lydia (Anna's sister) the most, I think.
*You still love Auburn, and you pick your Auburn shirts for nap and bedtime whenever they are clean.
*You love to say "War Eagle, Hey!"
*You were so good on our journey to Georgia.  You even got to sleep in a "big girl" bed in the hotel in Mobile for the night.

June 13-July 13, 2014 (35-36 Months)
*You are such a funny girl and keep us laughing all day.
*You started to sleep in a big girl bed permanently this month.  You requested it while we were living with Yeye and Edaddy, and you have done such a great job with the transition.
*You still love to wear oversized Auburn ("Aubarn") t-shirts to sleep at night, but you will wear whatever we put on you.
*You started to swim underwater for a few seconds without your floaties this month.  You do a great job holding your breath, but you still get a little scared swimming without someone holding on to you.
*You love to dance, and you had a blast dancing to the DJ at the Fourth of July party at the AAC.
*Your favorite foods are still grapes ("glapes), monkey yogurt ("monkey oogert"), grilled cheese, and mac n' cheese.  You don't eat much else besides those foods.
*The gap in your two front teeth has almost completely closed from not using your paci the last four months.  It really is amazing!
*You love to make new friends and say hi to anyone that will listen.
*You and your cousin, Caroline, have really started to play with each other, and it is so fun to watch you guys.
*You are so ready to see your new house and go to your new school!

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