Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ten Months Old *July 12, 2014*

Ten months has gone by at lightning speed, and Grant is a busy, busy baby these days!  He is into absolutely everything, and he is posing many new challenges in our new house with many stairs, bathrooms, and a brick fireplace.  Now that we have finally gotten more settled into our new home, I need to start planning the big first birthday bash!
Here's what you're up to:

*You weigh 19.6 pounds.

*Bedtime is still around 7:30, but you will lay and play in your crib for about an hour before actually falling asleep.

*Still taking two naps per day, but your morning nap is very random, unless we are home.  If we are home, you will sleep from around 10:30 until around 12 or 12:30pm. Afternoon nap is from 2-4:30/5pm.

*You will wake up around 7:30/8am for the day, sometimes I can give you a bottle and you will fall back to sleep for another hour or so.

*You absolutely LOVE water, and you had a blast in the pool this Summer.  You also have so much fun splashing around your bathtub during tubby time.

*You are so over eating pureed baby food, and you prefer actual real food.  Your favorites are strawberries (you want them almost every meal), bananas, bread, grapes, blueberries, waffles, puffs, NutraGrain bars, squeeze pouches, mac n cheese, and yogurt.

*You are still drinking tons of milk per day, and you want a bottle every time you are in your carseat or crib.

*Your 9-month clothes are getting too small for you, and you primarily wear 12-month clothes.

*Still in size-3 diapers.

*You finally have a tooth! You got your first tooth on July 22nd. It is your top, middle, right tooth.

*Your sisters are still obsessed with you, and they love to help me come and get you out of bed in the morning.  They both like to hold you and kiss you and play games with you.  Alli always brings you your toys when you play upstairs.  She will play with the pink plastic cups with you also.

*You still laugh hysterically when we tickle your inside thigh, just under your chin or under your arms.

*You still "swim" on the floors to get around, but you will also crawl the normal way too. You are so fast at your swimming crawl!

*You get a little scared when we hold you going down the stairs, and you will dig your nails into our arms.  You were also scared of the studio lights and backdrops this photoshoot.  You put the light cover on your head, and then I put it on my head, and that seemed to distract you enough.

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