Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Alpha Gam Reunion Beach Trip

This past weekend, I was able to head to Watercolor, Florida in Santa Rosa Beach with 19 of my Auburn sorority sisters.  We started the weekend off on Wednesday when Rachel flew into town.  We picked her up on the way to the beach and stayed at my parent's condo since our big house in Watercolor wouldn't be ready until Thursday.  Rachel, Monica, and I had a delicious dinner at Camilie's, drinks on the porch, and tons of fun conversation.  We spent the next day on the beach at the condo before Jessica got into town and we could get into our house.

We checked into the house, and ran in "Real World-style" to claim our beds.  We picked the bunk bed room, and it was a great choice as it was one of the most quiet rooms in the house in the morning :) Most people arrived on Thursday afternoon/Thursday night, and we had a fun dinner at Red Bar after drinks at Stinky's bar.  After dinner, we made our way back to the house and sat and talked to each other for a few hours before heading to bed.

All day Friday was spent enjoying cocktails and relaxing on the beach.  The weather was great, and the water felt amazing.  We set up shop at Seaside and tried out all the food trucks and stands at Seaside. Friday dinner was at Bud and Alley's where five of us stayed for drinks after dinner and the rest went home to catch more zzz's.

Saturday was pretty much a repeat of Friday, and we soaked up every last second on the beach that we could before having to get ready for dinner at V in Seagrove.  V was such a cool restaurant, and I loved their specialty drink menu.  Evan and I enjoyed one too many "Frankie goes to the beach" martinis, but everyone actually went out after dinner with us. We went to the Old Florida Fish House to listen and dance to their house band, and then made our way back to Bud and Alley's to finish off the weekend.

The drive back wasn't terrible, but Rachel definitely told me to drop her off at the wrong airport, so she bought herself five extra hours in the car with Monica and me.  We dropped her off at the Atlanta airport before heading home ourselves.  It was an unforgettable weekend, and I was so happy to catch up and let loose! We are already planning on making this an annual trip!

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