Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lila: May to August 2014

May-June 2014:
*You are so expressive, and you love to put on a show.
*You were sad to leave your friends in Texas, but you got to see them a lot this month with all of the goodbye parties and get-togethers that we had.
*You did such a great job at your dance recital.  Your song was "Broadway Babies", and you danced your heart out on stage.
*I had a hard time saying goodbye to Ms. Dee and Ms. Tracie, your sea turtle teachers at Happy Harbour.  You loved them and they loved you so much!
*You have gotten to be a great little eater now and will eat most everything that we give you. Your favorite meal is still breakfast and you will pig out on waffles, cereal, yogurt, and oatmeal all at once!
June-July 2014:
*You had a BLAST at cheer/dance camp at Kennedy, and you will miss Mrs. Jennifer SO much
*You are really loving living and Yeye and Edaddy's house this month.
*You have gotten to be such a great swimmer, and you love going down the whale slide at the River Club pool.
*You had a great time at the Pom Pom Pizazz dance camp at your dance studio right before we moved.  You learned so many fun cheers and dances.
*You got to visit Auburn again on the way to Georgia, and you loved J&M Bookstore. You picked out a cheerleading uniform, and it looks so cute on you and Alli.
July-August 2014:
*You have been really helpful this month as we spent the whole time moving into our new house and unpacking boxes.
*You love your new house and new gym.
*You went to Summer camp at the YMCA this month, and you and Alli had a blast.
*Fourth of July at the AAC was a fun time, and you spent most of it dancing on the dance floor.  You also ate a bunch of cookies and ice cream.  You rode a pony as well as some tea cup rides.
*You had fun at swim lessons this past month too, you are doing a great job with your swimming.  You will swim for a while under water with your goggles on.
*You love my new studio, and you are always the best model.
*Your favorite foods are still anything sweet and carbs, but you also eat tons of veggies now: broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, onions, celery, and tomatoes (potatoes).
*You are very articulate (which is funny, because you didn't say any real words until you were almost 3), and you correct us any chance that you get.  Daddy loves to pronounce things wrong on purpose so that you correct him.

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