Monday, February 9, 2015

Christmas Morning 2014

Yes, I realize that it is not only 2015, but it is the second month of the year. I finally had the time to finish our Christmas morning pictures, so I guess I need to post them for the end-of-the-year blog book :) (better late than never!).

The girls had been so excited for Santa to come all month that they could hardly contain themselves.  Lila had written out an extravagant list for Santa, and Alli started to "want" everything that she would see on the commercials on tv, but she really only insisted on two things: batman legos and an airplane.  Lila mainly wanted a Dora-in-the-city doll, princesses, and art things. Santa, of course, delivered, and all three kiddos had a great morning playing with their new toys!

Lila's Santa stash

Alli's Santa stash

Grant's Santa stash

Alli wasn't very into the idea of a picture before seeing her presents

checking out her airplane

"Let it Goooo"

Grant loving his new tent

daddy getting a check-up


Grant stealing everyone's snacks

Playing the recorder

still snacking on Lila's snacks

the Gentry band

Moving onto Alli's snacks now

He kept his mouth full all morning


Grant peeking out of his tent

Playing with baby Jesus


Alli, cheesin' hard

Lila loved her Dora-in-the-city doll

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