Friday, February 27, 2015

Mother's Breakfast at MPCS

The girls' classes hosted a Mother's breakfast for all the sweet mommas last week.  It was held before school, so it was fun to get to see how they come into the class, put their things away, and complete their first routine tasks of the day.  I was super impressed, specifically with Alli, as I watched her locate her last name on the role to check herself in, trace her first name, and go to the rug for an independent activity (now if I can only get her to follow those kinds of independent directions at home!). Both girls had so much fun having breakfast with me in their classroom, and I had a great time with them also.  Their little songs were precious, and I absolutely loved when Lila sung "You are my sunshine" to me with her little hands on my face.  It was such a special moment, and I'm so thankful that I can experience these sweet days in the kids' lives!

prayer hands

Lila and her sweet friend, Tessa

Crazy, beautiful sky on the way to Alli's breakfast on Saturday, February 20th

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