Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Day of School 2015-2016

It was an EARLY morning...Alli wasn't too happy about waking up before the sun :)
On Monday, August 10th, Grant started his first day in the 18-24 month class.  He was so excited, and it's great because his classroom is the same room as it is on Sundays in the church nursery.  He looks like such a big boy now versus his first day of school last year!

On Thursday, August 13th, Lila began Kindergarten and Alli started Pre-K 4 at Mount Paran Christian School.  I cannot believe that my first baby is officially in Elementary School, and she is SO excited! Alli has the same teacher that Lila had last year, who is absolutely amazing, so Alli has had such a fun first week.  I am so excited for this year, and I know that they will have an awesome time!
(It was pitch black when we left for school, so we did our "first-day-of-school" pictures down in the studio)

Channeling her inner Mary Katherine Gallager (from Saturday Night Live)

Grant wanted in on the action

Sweet friends walking to the "Big Building" together 

Greeted by the Headmaster, Dr. Tilley

Monogram socks made by one of Lila's friend's mom

Sweet girls!
Lila outside her new classroom
Lila and Mrs. Lovern, her Kindergarten teacher

Group hug

Lila's artwork in the Elementary school art hall 
Alli outside her classroom
Alli's turn to walk to the Preschool Cottage for her class :)

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