Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mesh Feeder

So I've seen these mesh baby feeders in stores and in pictures, but they always looked so silly to me, not sure why. But, Lila loves food so much that I decided to buy one to see how she'd like it. She loves bananas, so I put a banana in there and let her have at it. She made some curious ans sour faces at the beginning like she wasn't sure what the contraption was, but I am thinking it might also have been because the bananas I used aren't quite as ripe as the bananas used in the baby food jars. I love my bananas on the greener side of yellow, so I might should have waited a bit before giving those to her, but she seemed to get over the bitterness of them and had fun exploring the mush that they made in her mouth and fingers. I put some fruit in the freezer so that tomorrow she can bite down and suck on the frozen fruit. I'm hoping it will help her teeth feel a little better!
 Is this what I'm supposed to do?
What is this?? 
I don't think I like this very much! 
Maybe it's not so bad! 
MMMmmmm Yummy! 

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