Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stupid Oil Spill

As if this oil spill hasn't caused enough problems, it's now uprooted Josh's entire boat for two weeks to check out the clean-up efforts. Every news station around town is talking about how the oil-cleaning efforts are working and that there is hardly any oil left in the gulf. However, the Coast Guard still thinks it's a great idea to send Josh's boat, the cutter Skipjack, to attend to the crisis and make sure that the clean-ups are still being conducted and that all of the correct safety precautions are being done. He's gone for 16 days minimum; however, he told me that they may get called in to stay longer. UGH! Oh well, I have lots of activities planned for Lila and me while he's gone. We're also traveling to Atlanta for my friend's daughter's first birthday party, a good friend's wedding, and Lila's sixth-month portraits. I'm really looking forward to the visit in Atlanta, but I'm not looking forward to getting through security with the stroller and our bags by myself! God doesn't give us more than we can handle, so I think I'll be just fine! I know that Josh is doing something positive by going over there, it's just frustrating to think that idiot humans caused this environmental crisis which has effected so many other areas of life for many people and animals.  It makes me sad to see what we have done, and continue to do, to our environment. I just hope that Lila's children have clean air to breathe and clean water to swim in! ...And that's my environmental sermon for this beautiful Sunday!

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  1. I can completely relate on the "husband being gone stinks" front and the traveling with an infant alone. :) Actually, Pete has never flown with Caroline and me, and we have taken about eight different flights. If you have a carrier or sling, it makes all the difference in the world! Good luck.



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