Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby things we are LOVING these days

I just love a good list! So, while baby napped today, I compiled a list of the everyday items that get us through the days here at the Gentry house!

1) Sony Baby Call Monitor
I love this monitor! I'm a really tough sleeper in the fact that I have to have it dead silent! This monitor is so quiet, has no feedback, and has the red lines that you can tell when she is fussing, talking, or screaming depending on how many red circles light up. This was really helpful when we were trying to let her cry-it-out in the middle of the night. I didn't have to hear the screaming...I could see it!

2) Take and Toss bowls and Munchkin Spoons
Despite the fact that they come in cute, girlie, and fun colors, they are really helpful in feeding on-the-go. Now that Lila is eating solid food, these bowls have been a life-saver! We can mix up all sorts of delicious (haha-yeah right) meals for her and take it with us, rather than having to haul a bunch of baby food jars around!. To go with the feeding item, we also love the Munchkin spoons. They fit in her mouth great, are easy to hold, and come in really cute colors also. I mean, you have to be stylish when eating too! 

3) Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Jumperoo
The look on her face says it all! She LOVES this thing! I even wrote a whole post just about how much she loves this jumperoo. No need to say more!

4) Combi Pink GT Walker
I'm pretty sure I've done a whole post about how much she loves this car walker as well. She walks all over the house with this precious pink car! She even practices driving like her Grammy by laying on the horn every 30 seconds (sorry mom, I had to throw that out there!). 

5) Fisher Price Space-Saver High-Chair
This high-chair is great because it just hooks on one of your regular dining chairs. It serves all the purposes of a regular high-chair without taking up the space. It reclines back so it's easy to feed Lila her soupy, mashed up baby food, but is able to sit up straight when she is older and is eating more solid, solid food. 

6) Personalized, over-sized hair bows, and tutus-All Things Girlie!
I really don't have to say any more with this item. I love all things girlie: big bows, big tutus, and cute outfits. Believe it or not (as seen in the above picture) not all of her outfits have pink in them-but I'd be completely okay with it if they did. 

7) My Canon Rebel T1i Camera
Okay, so this isn't a "baby item," but it might as well be since all I use it for is to take pictures of Lila! I am obsessed with my camera and love to take pictures, especially of people. This camera is awesome for portraits as you can really let the subject stand out against a blurred background

What are your favorite baby things that you can't live without???

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  1. As tacky as it may be, we could not have made it without our bouncy seat! Caroline even slept in it for a while when she was fussy. Besides that, the bumbo was a lifesaver. And yes, I agree with you, those Munchin spoons are the best! When Lila gets a little bigger, the Nuby two handled sippy cups and the snack cups that they have to "stick" their hands into are great! Enjoy sweet Lila and all her toys!



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