Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our First Blog Award!

Thank you to Rici at Teagan Tales for giving us our first blogger award :-) I am now required to 'pay it forward' to my favorite bloggers that I read (and stalk a little!). Here are my recipients:

1. Hamilton Happenings
2. A Family in the Making
3. The Curtiss Family
4. Running on Faith
5. The Crawford Family
6. The Dudleys
7. The Gentrys
8. The Hemphills
9. The In's & Out's of the Remmert House
10. The Scotts
11. The Stones
12. The Wilson Family

Thank you all for keeping me informed and entertained when reading your wonderful blogs!


  1. Glad we can follow along with each other and watch the little ones grow up =)

  2. Thanks for the nod! Miss you! I enjoy getting to see little Lila grow even if it is via the internet! xoxo, JE



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