Sunday, September 12, 2010

SEC Football and Baby's First Tooth

It was a pretty good day for SEC football yesterday, all would have been good if Georgia had decided to show up for the game...Lila got to cheer on three different teams yesterday, Georgia Bulldogs, Alabama, and Ole Miss (although she slept though the Ole Miss game-as did her parents!). Josh dressed her in her pink and white Georgia outfit and then changed her into her camo dress which he called her "Alabama gear" for the Bama game **no offense to Alabama people, camo was just part of his particular game-day attire when he was at school there** The Georgia game was hard to watch, but at least our other two teams won. I'm getting more and more used to cheering for Alabama the longer that Josh and I are married (and the fact that they're the best team in the country makes it a little easier too! Yes I am a fair-weather fan). I can tell you that the first year of our marriage was a tough one when it came to cheering for the RIGHT team in the state of Alabama! Luckily, Auburn played on Thursday night this week (and WON! War Eagle!), so we didn't have to fight over which game to watch on Saturday! Next week, Lila WILL be wearing her ORANGE and BLUE :-) 

Yesterday was also a big day for our baby girl. I felt that her first tooth had popped through the bottom left side of her mouth. I know most parents are really excited for their baby to start getting teeth and accomplishing other milestones like crawling, etc., but I find it a bit sad as well. I just love that gummy grin, and it's slowly going away. She is becoming a big girl more and more each day, and sometimes I wish that we could rewind life about 7 months to when she was first born! I can't believe how much she has grown and changed in 7 months and am so thankful for this precious life that God has given us!

"Go Dawgs!" I love my pink "G" Georgia shirt
Daddy and Lila in their Bulldog gear
Lila says "Roll Tide" while watching the game with Daddy. I won't say Roll Tide-but I will sit back and watch quietly!
Mmm this makes my gums feel so much better!


  1. She already has a tooth?? I remember being so sad when Tate got his first one becuase it was yet another reminder that he was growing up. Ellie is still all gums...probably won't see a pearly white until after her first birthday. Lila is a doll as always!

  2. I came across your blog on Top Baby Blogs. I have a little girl who is around your baby girls age! Teagan will be 8 mths at the end of September! I'm semi-jealous yours has a tooth already. The doctor told us a month and a half ago that she was teething...still no teeth!
    I wanted to let you know that I am sending a bloggy award your way. The info is on my blog ( ). It's kind of a "pay it forward" award. I'm excited to have found a blog with a baby girl the same age (more or less) as my little one! Hope you have a happy Thursday!



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