Saturday, September 25, 2010

Playhouse Disney

Playhouse Disney is my lifesaver in the mornings when I have to get ready. She especially loves Mickey Mouse Playhouse and Handy Manny! I hope she won't be a TV junkie like her daddy, but whatever I can do to get 20 minutes in the mornings, I'll take! She was so into it, she didn't even notice a camera in her face (...or she is just so used to it by now!!!). 

"Hi mom, you caught me watching my favorite show!"


  1. haha! we do the exact same thing! She just zones in. Hilarious :) Anything for a shower though ;)

  2. I'm so jealous! C doesn't like watching the TV. Maybe I just haven't found a good show for him yet. He usually starts fussing after a minute or two if I'm not sitting there with him!!

  3. Kelly, that's probably a good thing that he doesn't like tv! Haha. Mickey Mouse playhouse is really entertaining with lots of songs and goofy dances!

  4. so cute!!!! i remember when my kids first started watching tv too. sad, but a life saver at the same time! i love that she looks like she's driving while watching. she's adorable!!!



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