Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baby's First Halloween!!!

We had such a wonderful weekend, but we really wish that Josh could have joined us! Lila had a great first Halloween complete with three costume changes. Since she is too young to be able to eat any of the candy, and I certainly don't need to eat anymore candy, we didn't do the whole trick-or-treating this year. I thought I would feel a little silly rolling up to houses with my baby (who can't eat chocolate yet) begging for we are going over to a friend's house to visit instead. We celebrated Lila's first Halloween on Saturday by meeting our friends Ashley and Karsyn and Kim and Brody at several festivals around town. It was so much fun to dress Lila up in her poodle costume! Karsyn was Minnie Mouse, and Brody was a dinosaur. They all looked precious next to each other, and of course, many photos were taken! We enjoyed a great lunch at Saltgrass in Kemah before heading home to watch the 2nd half of the Georgia/Florida game. 

Lila's 2nd costume change of the day involved Georgia bloomers and a bulldog hair bow. She was so hot from being in her poodle costume that I just let her roam around half naked in the house. It was a great football game, but the wrong team one :( !!

Next, we had to get ready for the Moms Club Halloween party. Since it was still pretty hot outside, I decided to have her wear her tennis player costume. She had a great time playing with and chewing on her tennis racket. I have to say, I'm in love with her cute pink tennis shoes also! I know you can't wear black soled shoes on the court, but is there a rule about pink soles?? 

This morning, I was torn between her Auburn VICTORY dress and her Halloween tutu for her church outfit. I decided that she should wear the Halloween tutu since it's actually Halloween today. These are the things that I think about around here-what to dress Lila in today :) 

Happy Halloween Everyone!!


  1. Definitely the cutest tennis player! Venus and Serena could take some cues from Lila!! Hope you guys had fun =)

  2. What a sweet girl! Kate needs some State bloomers like Lila's Georgia ones!

    Yes, we are in Houston - we live inside the loop about 2 miles outside of downtown!!

  3. I have an 8 month old who I want to dress as a tennis player for her first Halloween this year. I've been searching everywhere for a tennis dress like the one you have. Where did you find it?! Also, how about the tennis racket toy?



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