Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Wilmington Wedding

One of our good family friends, Katie Jones, got married this past weekend in Wilmington, North Carolina. Katie is my dad's college roommate's daughter (if you followed that). Their family had three girls all close in age to my sister and me; my poor little brother Phillip was the oddball of the group because he was a boy (obviously) and a lot younger than the rest of us. I have so many memories of childhood vacations with the Jones, and our families always have so much fun together. Katie is the middle daughter and is in between me and my sister's age. Growing up, we always thought the Jones's were our cousins and saw them about as much as well saw our real cousins!

We flew into Wilmington on Thursday night so that we could be there in time for the Bridesmaid's luncheon on Friday afternoon. We stayed at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort on Wrightsville Beach which was really nice and right next to the cottage where the Jones's were staying so we could walk back and forth. The Bridesmaid's luncheon was held there and was so lovely (hard not to read that word without a British accent). I enjoyed meeting Katie's grandparents, cousins, and friends, and the food was delicious. After the luncheon we went shopping at this really cute shopping center in Wilmington called Lumina. My dad walked Lila around the area while we went in the stores, and of course he was scoping the place out for ideas for his shopping centers! That night we took my good friend from high school, Kristin, out to dinner. I hardly see her since she lives in Wilmington and I live in Texas (1226 miles away-I know that from a sign at the are below) so it was so good to spend some time with her and to catch up. We ate at a really good restaurant right on the water. Wilmington is such a beautiful place, it was hard to find anything that wasn't really neat or pretty!

Saturday morning we decided to go on a walk and explore the beach area around the hotel. After our walk, we were going to try to find the Coast Guard station there because we knew it was somewhere close by. Well, we didn't plan it this way, but our walk dead-ended right into the station. I took some pictures while 4 cars full of Coast Guard guys came out the gate (embarrassing-slightly, but I didn't really care too much! I mean, hey, that could be Josh's future place of work one day!). The wedding was that evening at the Bellamy Mansion in Wilmington, and it was so gorgeous! Katie looked beautiful, as always, as well as her mom and sisters. It was such a fun party and we danced until they shut us down!...not really, but we danced as long as Lila would let us! Lila loved the live band and my dad loved dancing with all of "his girls." It was sad to leave the Jones' this morning, but it always feels great to be home! I will actually see my husband again on Tuesday (hopefully), can't wait!!!

I came the fourth farthest! I feel like that deserves a prize!...just kidding I was glad to! 1226 miles!

 My dad and the Father of the Bride
 Gorgeous programs
 Molly-maid of honor
 Maggie-maid of honor
 Katie and Hugh
 Katie and her hubby, Matt
 Thank goodness Lila slept through the entire ceremony!
 My sister, me, and Maggie Jones
 Me, Molly Jones, and Lila
 The Jones and Freemans
 Granddaddy and Lila

Happy girl after her bottle break


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  2. Wow! It looks beautiful!!!! I also wanted to thank you for following our blog! I also have another if you are interested (well technically I have four!)

    Thank you again! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog!



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