Sunday, January 8, 2012

23 Months *January 3, 2012*

I'm a little sad that this is Lila's last month as a one year old. She definitely has a 2-year-old attitude (and has had one since about 14 months!), but I'm not ready to wish away her second year yet. Time has absolutely FLOWN by these past two years, and we are busy getting ready for Lila's Minnie Mouse Second birthday party over here!  We can't wait to celebrate with you at the end of this month, and we love you Lila Boo!

What you're up to this month:

*you weigh 26.8 pounds and are 32.5 inches tall.

*you have had a great Christmas break home from school. We saw Santa several times, went to many parties, and visited with lots of friends.
*still in size 5 diapers. Wearing mostly 24 month clothes, 2T/24m sleepers, and 24 month pants and outfits.

*you are still obsessed with Winnie the Pooh. Santa brought you several Winnie the Pooh books and toys, and you love them!
*you still are attached to your pink bunny called "Abby Abby", which is what you call bunnies for some reason.
*you've gotten much better about not throwing as many fits this month. I think that you knew that Santa was watching!
*you love throwing and kicking balls around the house. Your dad and I can't wait to get you into sports! You are going to be quite the little athlete!
*you still love your milk ("k") and drink about 3 fulls cups per day. This month you also wanted more water ("wa-wa").
*you really love Chick-Fil-A and call it "yummy yummy". We took you to visit Pooh at Chick-Fil-A one night, and now you think Pooh should always be there. You also call hens "yummy yummy" because they are part of the Chick-Fil-A logo.
*you still love your waffles ("wa-wuls") as well as anything sweet, bread, chicken strips, mac and cheese, ravioli, green beans, carrots, peas, doritos, cheese, any kind of fruit, and penne noodles.  You had an onion ring this month for the first time and loved those too (who can blame you??)!

*bedtime is around 8pm and we usually get you out of bed around 8:30am.
*you take one afternoon nap from 2pm until around 4 or 5pm.

*still hanging with 16 teeth and love brushing them!
*you have started talking (saying real words) so much more this month! You love to say characters names: Eeyore, Daisy, Donald, Rabbit, and Pete are your favorite to say. You also loved saying Santa's name and used the cutest inflection when saying it! Instead of saying the word pig, you say "oink oink", and dogs are "woo woo woo"s, and sheep are "baa baa". You call cows and cats "tow"s. You will also say their real word after saying their sounds.
*you count with me up to five and love to sing your abc's (you LOVE to sing!).

*you love to make a mess and climb on everything!!
*you and Alli are starting to finally be able to play with each other. You were playing together several days this month.  She really looks up to you and finds you really funny and entertaining!
*you had such a great time celebrating your second Christmas. Santa brought you a kitchen, playhouse, Pooh things, baby dolls and carriages, shopping carts, and some new clothes.  I think you'll be sad not to see Santa again until next year!

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