Wednesday, January 25, 2012


...That's what it's been like in our house this past week! It's only Wednesday night, yet it feels like it should be a month from now, we've gotten so much accomplished. Josh and I are both taking a college class this semester and it's been challenging taking turns doing schoolwork and taking care of the girls. These are both pretty time consuming classes, so we've been going non-stop since they began the beginning of January. Plus, we are busy getting ready for family to come in town and Lila's 2nd birthday party this Saturday! We're pretty much all ready to go, except the last minute things (oh, and yard work-since it has rained for the past few days). We are excited for all of ours and Lila's friends to come over to celebrate with us!

I can't write a post with no pictures, so here are some from a couple Sundays ago.
 Lila didn't want to share the iPad with her sister

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