Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lila's 2nd Birthday Party: Minnie Mouse style

This past Saturday, January 28th, we celebrated Lila's 2nd birthday with a Minnie Mouse party. She loves Minnie Mouse (almost as much as Winnie the Pooh), so I thought it would be a perfect (and adorable) theme! I loved all of the pink, white, and black decor since those are my favorite colors...I know it was Lila's party and not mine :) but I enjoyed it just as much as she did!
Both sets of Lila's grandparents flew in the day before so that they could join in the festivities, and it was so special to have them here. The weather could not have been more perfect, and we were so excited to be outside in January feeling very comfortable, even a little warm, in short sleeves!  Chick-Fil-A delivered nugget trays as well as trays of their chicken wraps and chicken salad sandwiches (yes, they deliver!!).  We also had fruit, chips, and the cutest cake that I've ever ordered (if I do say so myself)! I combined two designs that I found on Pintrest, and Fiona's Bakery in League City made it look so adorable and really tasty too! We also had cookies and cream cupcakes from Delesandri's in Kemah, and Lila got her very own with two pink candles on top to blow out (although the wind blew it out before Lila got a chance to, but she didn't know the difference!)
delicious food
Lila digging into the chip bowl
 Capri Suns: Lila's new favorite drink
We rented a bouncy house from Party Connection LLC, and they were so nice to work with. They set up our house about an hour before the party and were going to pick it up that evening, but my mom couldn't bear for Lila to wake up from her nap to find it gone, so she extended the rental an extra day. I think the grandparents had just as much fun bouncing as all of the kids! I thought that Lila might have been too little to enjoy it, but she was so excited watching it being set up that she couldn't get out there fast enough. She was able to climb in and out with no trouble at all, and all the kids had fun jumping and throwing around balloons inside. My dad was the "security guard" of the bouncy house during the party (which I really think was his excuse to spend the entire party in the house!). The kids loved playing with him as well as with each other, and everyone got along so well!
having fun in the princess bouncy house
playing with friends
opening her presents
We had so much fun celebrating Lila's birthday with our friends and family! We are so blessed and grateful to have met such wonderful people, with wonderful kids as well, here in Texas. It was definitely a great day had by all!
Cake Time!



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