Friday, August 3, 2012

Lila: 27-30 Months

Lila Milestones and Memories from May 3-August 3, 2012

May 2012 Memories (27-28 Months):
*You go from happy to fuming mad and back to happy in 10 seconds...but I guess that's just a two year old attitude.
*You call Winnie the Pooh "Pooh Bear" now.
*You are really into Elmo again. You love watching "Elmo's World".
*Your favorite thing to watch is "Lila" (home videos of you and your sister).
*You love animals and have been saying their names better this month. You love to say "giraffe", "ephalent", "tiger", "pig", but still call sheep "baa"s and lions "raar"s.
*You have to do EVERYTHING yourself. If we try to help you, you will fly off the hinges and go nuts screaming like crazy.
*You like for things to be whole, if there is a piece of a cookie or cracker (or anything really) missing, you get really mad and upset.
*You got another molar this month. I can't wait until you are done with teeth coming in!
*You LOVE helping your sister and will feed her or give her a paci any chance that you get. You even fed her baby food once and did a great job! Alli loved it!
*You are really good at putting your shoes on (sometimes on the right feet) with no help from me!
*I came home from the beach to find out that your vocabulary has EXPLODED! You are saying 5 and 6 word sentences and almost every word that we ask you to say. You are so happy to be able to tell us what you want.
June 2012 Memories (28-29 Months):
*You still love to eat waffles for breakfast, but lately you've loved cereal as well. You are really good at eating it with your spoon too! At the end, you love to sop up the milk with your hands.
*You're still loving to eat those yogurt smoothies and have so much fun putting the straw into them.
*You have been SO well behaved the past few weeks, I'm so proud of how your listening skills are coming along...although we still pitch a few fits every now and then.
*You started school at AcroSports AcroKids academy, and you LOVE it! Your teacher is Ms. Pam, and she loves you so much!
*You are saying too many new words to count or two right down. Some new phrases this month are "Oh no, what happened?" "Thank you (Ishu), mommy" "Good morning, baby/mommy/daddy/yeye/", "look at that!", "you're/I'm/that's pretty""baby/I'm silly""I did it!".
*Still pronounce characters names so cute! Minny=ninny, Goofy=foofy, Mickey=coo coo, Piglet= piddet, Daisy=deesee, Pluto=Pudu
*Whenever you want something, you will say "Cookie..otay otay" thinking that will get your way. You still pitch pretty big fits when you don't get your way.
*You can put your sandals on your correct feet (90% of the time) all by yourself!
*You have really gotten into Yo Gabba Gabba, much to our dismay, and your favorite character is the little pink one named Fufa.
July 2012 Memories (29-30 Months):
*Some favorite phrases are: "mmmm that's good!" "Come back!" "where are you going?" "That's so funny""Oh Boy!" "You're/Lila's/baby's so silly""Where's baby?" "What are we going to do?" "What is happening/what happened?""Thank you____","your welcome", "That was fun""I did it!"
*Starting to call Chevy "Chevy" instead of just "woo woo", starting to call Alli "baby sister or Alli" instead of only "baby", Mickey Mouse "mickey" instead of "coo coo", milk "milk" instead of just "/k/", yogurt "yogurt" instead of just "frada"
*You call cameras and camera equipment "cheese", you're getting better about smiling for me and not pitching a fit or running away when the camera comes out.
*You still love your school at AcroKids Academy and you call your teacher Ms. Pam Pam.
*Ms. Pam Pam told us that you say that girls say "Hi!" and boys say "pee yoo" (stinky). HAHA
*You are still so active, and you jump, hop, and dance all over the house.
*You went to the circus this past month, and you absolutely LOVED it!! You clapped and danced the whole time!
*Your favorite animals is an elephant (much to my dismay--but tigers are a close second!), and you still pronounce it "ephalent". You like giraffes too, and granddaddy told you that they say "ouch, my neck hurts" when you asked him what sound a giraffe makes, so now you think that's what they really say.
*You've learned the song "Old McDonald Had a Farm" and you love to sing it all day. You also learned "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and "Row row row your boat".
*You repeat EVERYTHING that we say now! I really have to be careful what I say around you because you learned the word "s**t" this week...oops! Major mom fail!
*You are obsessed with your tutus and cowboy hat. When you are wearing your hat, you'll say "yee haw". You want to wear your tutu with every outfit!
*Whenever baby sister is crying you will say "oh no, baby's sad" and sometimes try to give her things that would make her feel better like toys or a bottle.
*When you're awake, you want baby sister to be awake too, so you run to her room and play together in the morning and after naps.

Happy Half-Birthday Sweet Girl!

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