Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sweet and Sassy

The Monday before we left for Atlanta, the girls and I met up with our friends for a makeover day at Sweet and Sassy in Pearland. This place is a little girl's dream, and it is so bright and fun inside. When you walk in the door, you can instantly walk the purple carpet like a celebrity and are greeted by a store full of anything and everything that a little girl would love to have (smart marketing strategy). Just behind the retail area, there is a little salon area, makeup stations, a place to make your own perfume, party rooms, and a runway/mirrors to model your makeover. Lila was in heaven from the minute she walked in the place!
Lila's first manicure 
Lila's friend, Cecilia, had been to Sweet and Sassy before, so she was a seasoned pro. The girls' first station was the manicure station where they got to pick out their nail color and have their nails painted. Lila wasn't sure what to think of all of it at first, but quickly realized how cool it was to have hot pink on her hands! After the manicure, the girls had their hair done up in an up-do.  Lila did not do a great job at sitting still, so the iPhone was utilized so that her hair didn't end up looking a mess! It was so cute when it was done, and they sprayed glitter hair spray to make it shine. The girls then got to pick their favorite eye shadow color to be applied to their lids. Lila really didn't want to sit through this part, but she ended up with a little touch of pink on each eye, which looked pretty cute!
getting their hair "did"
eye shadow time
purple star to finish the makeover off

The last station was the princess dress up station where the girls got to try on different princess dresses. Cecilia loved this part and tried on about four different dresses, where Lila was just happy with her first pink choice for a few minutes before wanting her normal clothes back. They enjoyed walking the runway in their princess dresses, and Lila loved watching herself on the big tv screen that hung on the wall. It was so much fun watching our girlie girls have fun with their new makeovers and with each other!
admiring herself
playing in their dress-up clothes

After Sweet and Sassy, we went to lunch down the street at Mongo. It was so good, and Lila actually ate most of her meal (a rarity). I'm so glad that we're able to get our kids together for fun outings so often!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! I can't even imagine. Wait till both your girls can go ;)



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