Saturday, January 12, 2013

Best of Friends

I have always wanted my kids to be close, which is one reason why we planned them so close together. I was especially excited when we found out that Alli was a girl so that Lila and Alli could be sisters, and hopefully even closer. They are definitely close and are getting to be the best of friends (of course they can also be the worst of enemies sometimes, but those days are becoming more and more rare). 
It makes my heart smile when I see them playing together, Lila teaching Alli things, sharing their toys, watching movies on the iPad together, and just giving each other big ole' bear hugs.  Alli just loves when Lila plays with her, and Lila loves to teach Alli how to use her iPad or play with things around the house. Neither one of them likes to be up without the other (although Alli does like to play with "Lila's" toys around the house alone sometimes), and they run to the door of the other's bedroom when we say "Let's go get Alli/Lila". They even share a room at Yeye and Edaddy's house and they LOVE it. They will also share a room at our house eventually, when Lila is in a big girl bed. 
These girls are just the best, and I love watching them grow closer every day!

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