Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking back at 2012 and Happy 2013!

2012 was a busy, eventful year, and one that we won't soon forget! I always like to look back at the most important things that happened each year, and this outline makes me smile. Here's what we were up to this past year: 

*had a late Christmas celebration in Atlanta with family and friends
*celebrated Alli's half birthday (6 months old)
*had Lila's 2nd birthday party (Minnie Mouse bday)
*Josh celebrated Alabama's National Championship win

*celebrated Lila's second birthday on the 3rd
*Josh was in New Orleans with his boat all month (minus weekends)
*visited with the Allison's in Clarksville, Ga
*ate dinner with Winnie the Pooh at the River Club
*hosted Rachel's bridal shower at the Swan Coach House
*sold our Florida home

*went strawberry picking and played in the bluebonnets
*celebrated Josh's 28th birthday
*hosted Rachel's bachelorette party at my parent's condo in Destin, Florida
*began celebrating Easter

*Easter egg hunts and parties thanking Jesus
*Rachel's wedding in Auburn, Alabama
*showing the girls around the best school in the country, Auburn. :)
*visiting the Alpha Gam dorm
*celebrated my 28th birthday

*Lila's friend's birthday party
*celebrated Mother's Day
*went to the Galveston Beach with playgroup friends
*Beach trip with my high school girlfriends
*neighborhood pool opened

*HOT HOT weather
*went swimming a TON
*Kimberly's wedding showers
*Played with family and cousins in Atlanta
*celebrated Father's Day in Atlanta
*finished getting ready for Alli's birthday party

*Fun 4th of July in Texas with friends
*celebrated Alli's first birthday on the 13th and had a party in Atlanta on the 15th
*went to the circus and Lila had an awesome time
*celebrated our 4th anniversary on the 26th
*Started a business, KBG Photography, www.kbgphotography.org

*celebrated Kimberly's bachelorette party in Destin, Florida
*Josh and I went to our 10-year high school reunion in Atlanta
*Lila met her new teachers for preschool

*The girls started school and they love their new classes
*celebrated Kimberly and Ralson's wedding on the 8th

*had fun at Halloween parties and festivals
*visited the pumpkin patch and Dewberry farm.
*dressed up like pirates for Halloween and loved it
*started potty-training Lila

*busiest month yet for KBG Photography
*Lila became fully potty trained
*had a great Thanksgiving with the Braseltons

*visited with Santa
*found out we were pregnant, then a week later we weren't
*had a blast at Junior League Holiday ball
*Lila sang in her school's Christmas performance
*hosted a baby shower for Monica at the Swan Coach House
*saw Mickey Live!
*celebrated Christmas in Texas and a late Christmas in Atlanta

What a busy 2012, and we are looking forward to a GREAT 2013!!


  1. Great post- like how you listed everything out. I am so sorry for your loss- I didn't know.

  2. Great post! I am so sorry for your recent loss! I have been there and know the heartache;(

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  5. I am so sorry for your loss, KariBeth. I went through that before Liam, and it is the worst. I hope the awesome parts of 2012 carry over to 2013 for y'all:)

  6. Oh girl :( I am so sorry. Hoping my FB comment today didn't sting. I had no idea and I hope you weren't hurt by it. If you ever need to talk just know that I am here for you xoxo

    1. No worries! It was such a surprise pregnancy that I hadn't even gotten used to the idea before it happened. It was quick and painless and came right before Holiday ball, so it was good timing if it was going to happen!



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