Saturday, January 5, 2013

Late Christmas in Atlanta

A few days after Christmas, we got on an airplane and headed to Atlanta to celebrate a late Christmas with our families. Once we got there, it was one festivity after another, but we all had a great time.

We visited with great grandmama, and the girls had a great time opening their gifts and pushing around their new big pink strollers. Alli loved her Little People Cinderella's Coach that great grandmama gave her. Later that night, we had our annual girls dinner, and Josh and Bryan crashed our party to make it even more fun!
On Saturday morning, Ralson had made the girls Mickey Mouse pancakes, and they LOVED them. He made the rest of us gourmet pancakes as well, and they were so good. Santa came to yeye and edaddy's house Friday night, so the morning was spent seeing everything that he brought for the girls.Alli loved her bouncy turtle and tigger the best, and Lila loved her pink baseball bat, Minnie Mouse vet hospital, and Leap Pad 2 the best. After we played for a while, we headed out to Josh's parent's house to celebrate Christmas with his family. All of the cousins had a great time playing with each other and opening their presents from Mamu and Big Pop.

I spent the morning on Sunday in Auburn photographing a cute little girl, and got back to Atlanta around lunchtime. The girls had been playing with Nana and Pop all morning, and they had a great time visiting. It was sad packing up to go back to Texas, but we are glad to be home. Next trip: DISNEY!!


  1. When are you guys going to Disney? We are headed there at the end of the month!



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