Thursday, June 6, 2013

Aquarium Visit

Last week when the girls had a week off of school, we went down to Moody Gardens for a morning at the aquarium.  We got there a little early, so the girls and I had a little photo shoot in the parking lot while we waited for it to open.  We also walked around the grounds for a while and they loved seeing the butterflies and the new Dinosaur exhibit.
Once it was time to go in, the girls ran straight for the big shark that hangs from the ceiling in the middle. They always prefer to look at the fake fish to the real ones for some reason.  They spent a little time looking at the penguins, and Alli had a full conversation with a cute little penguin that swam right up to her.  Lila really just loved walking and running around the place, but there was a huge middle school or high school field trip there and the big boys kept running around and knocked her down twice (annoying!!).  After she was knocked down a few times, she stayed a little closer to the stroller.
she said "take a picture of me by Nemo"
Alli talking with the cute little penguin
We stayed in the back observation room while we waited for all of the big kids from the field trip to leave, but the girls had a great time watching the fish from the huge window and climbing up and down the auditorium stairs. I'm so glad that we were able to finally get our membership to Moody Gardens, and I'm excited to spend a lot of time there this summer!
"trapped" in the shark tank
Lila's favorite part of the day was seeing the big turtles

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