Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bedtime Transitions

I must admit that Josh and I were dreading this moment for a long while now...moving the girls into the same room with Lila in a big girl bed. I really liked Lila being contained in her crib, and the girls sleep so great that we didn't want to mess anything up.  However, we have a baby coming in three months, so changes are necessary!  This past week, we moved the girls into Alli's room and put Lila in a big girl bed, and it has gone surprisingly well. Josh and I keep saying that we are just waiting for the hard part, because there is no way that the transition is this easy.
Room space cleared and ready for bed delivery
The girls LOVE being in a room together, and they spend hours laying in Lila's bed together watching the iPad or just playing around.  It really is so much easier having them both in the same room with the same closet (since 90% of their clothes are the same anyways) and all of their stuff easy to get to for both girls. We didn't start the napping together off right away, but tried it yesterday, and it wasn't quite as smooth as nighttime (since Lila really only falls asleep during naps about 60% of the time now), but I think they'll get the hang of it.
testing it out before we put the sheets on it
So excited for her new big girl bed
It has been one of the best things that we've done yet, and I am loving the way their beds and bedding look also! I can't wait to get Alli set up in her big girl bed too...but that will definitely be a while from now. I think waiting until Lila was good and ready for a big girl bed helped a ton, because she isn't waking up in the middle of the night and she isn't crying out for us.  We put a gate at the door and the bathroom door, so she is still confined to her room, but she doesn't seem to mind or notice.
loving to lay together in Lila's bed
How I found them the second morning of them being in the same room
Now that Lila's old room is emptied of her things, we are starting to officially get Grant's nursery underway!
Goodbye Pink...Hello Blue!

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