Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Birthday, Suzette!

On Friday night, a few of my tennis friends went out for Suzette's 50th birthday, and we all had a blast! We met at Suzette's to catch the limo that took us around Houston for drinks and dinner.
27 weeks 1 day
baby Grant along for the ride
Our first stop was a bar on Westheimer called Anvil.  They had every random combinations of drinks known to man, and it was a really neat, small, urban bar.  I had the bartender make me up something tropical and alcohol free, so he made me some kind of pineapple-lime juice combination that was awesome.  Everyone's drinks looked so pretty, and it sounded like they tasted really good too!
Emily and Me with the birthday girl
crazy Liz :)
Next, we made our way to Tila's for dinner where we stuffed our faces with cheese dip, ceviche, guacamole  enchiladas, and tres leches cake.  It was so good, and we all ate waaaay too much.  Our waiter was pretty attractive, and I think that Liz made the poor guy feel so uncomfortable with her not-so-subtle flirting :)
in front of our ride for the night
stuffed from dinner
After dinner, we went to our last stop, Sambuca for some dancing. The band was awesome, and they played some of my favorites ("September" anyone ?!?). We were all pretty exhausted by then, so we made our way back home around 1am. It was so much fun getting out with my fun and crazy tennis ladies!

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