Thursday, January 16, 2014

Alli: 27-30 Months

October-November (27-28 Months):
-You were Glenda the Good Witch from Wizard of Oz for Halloween.
-You had a great time waving your wand around everywhere.
-You really love Grant and call him "baby boy". You get really excited when he comes into your room with me to get you out of bed.
-You are really sweet with your baby brother, and you give him the best hugs.
-You love McDonalds chicken nuggets, and you will always eat them, unlike most other things.
-You survive solely on fruit and chicken nuggets. I'm not sure how you grow, really!

November-December (28-29 Months):
-You had a blast spending Thanksgiving with yeye and edaddy at the beach.
-You and Lila love your Uncle Ralson so much and had so much fun with him at the beach too.
-You loved playing in the sand and building sand castles.
-You saw Santa this month for the first time this year, and you weren't scared. Last year, you were terrified of him, but this year you liked him! You actually wanted to go back and sit on his lap again when he came to your preschool.
-You had so much fun helping mommy and daddy pick out our Christmas tree, but your favorite part was playing with the funnel used to water the tree.
-You absolutely love your school, and you got so mad at me when I picked you up early one day!
-I'm so glad that you still like the hourly daycare, because you and Lila had to play there a lot this month because I was so busy with work.
-You also spent a lot of time at the gym nursery, which you love, and you always want to buy cookies at the cafe afterwards.
December-January (29-30 Months): 
-You weigh 26 pounds and are about 34 inches tall.
-You were so excited for Christmas, but you aren't that into opening presents.
-You love Toy Story and Monsters, Inc., so I had to shop in the "boy's" section for your Christmas presents.
-Your favorite present was a Woody doll from Toy Story.
-You are still obsessed with the iPad, and you love to watch Team Umizoomi and Bubble Guppies on it.  You and Lila know every word to the "hair" song in the Umizoomi episode about finding money to get Owen's haircut.
-You and Lila are more into the Nick Junior shows now than the Disney Junior shows.
-You love pretending to take pictures and you tell me to "put hands on hips" when you are pretending to take a picture of me.
-You know all of your shapes, most of your colors, and you can recognize a few letters as well.
-You are so silly, and you love to hop and run all over the house.
-Your favorite foods are still berries, gerber pasta pickups, cereal, popcorn, yogurt ("ogurt"), and waffles.
-Anytime you see sports on tv you immediately yell "go go go Auburn!" no matter who is playing :)

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