Saturday, January 18, 2014

Four Months Old *January 12, 2014*

Another month has gone by, and Grant's personality is really shining through.  He is such a happy baby, but he is also really serious. I can always get him to smile (but, ironically, not for these pictures), and he is starting to giggle and cackle which sounds so adorable! He is the sweetest baby, and is finally becoming more independent. We are so blessed to be his parents. 

Here's what you're up to this month:

*You weigh 13.8 pounds (20%) and are a little over 24 inches tall (20%).

*You are still sleeping well, even though you went through a bit of sleep regression around the first of the year.  You wanted to wake up at 1am, 2:30, 3:30, and 4:30/5ish.  Now, you are going to bed at 8am, and I will let you cry to get yourself back to sleep when you wake up at these times (which only takes about 10 minutes).  I feed you between 4:30 and 5am and put you in your swing. After that, you usually sleep until almost 10am in your swing.

*Naptimes are great right now.  You sleep for around two hours in the morning and almost three hours in the afternoon. Your morning nap is usually taken in your swing, but your afternoon nap is taken in your crib.  If you wake up early in the afternoon, I will put you in your swing, and you go back to sleep until around 5:45pm.

*You still sleep swaddled at night and naps.

*You still get super startled when you hear a loud noise. You will jump so high and get the widest eyes.

*You wanted to stop nursing shortly after you turned three months old, so I'm pumping for now, but you mainly get formula these days.  My goal was to stop pumping and nursing by our California trip, but that didn't happen.  Now, you nurse in the middle of the night and in the morning.

*We started you on solids a few days ago.  You've had bananas, apples, and squash and loved them all so far. It takes you forever to eat since you spit so much out while you try to swallow, but eventually, you get it all in your tummy.

*You'll take around 5-6 ounces in your bottle every couple of hours.

*You like your Soothie pacis, but don't take them very often or for very long.

*You are wearing mainly 3 month and 3-6 month clothes.  You are wearing your 6-9 month Kissy Kissy outfits since they run smaller.

*You are still wearing size 1 diapers, but they are really getting small.  When these run out, we'll need to move you up to size 2.

*You have awesome head control, and you want to sit up so badly, but you can't balance just yet.

*You don't love tummy time, but you can hold your head up very well when on your belly.

*You love to follow my voice, and you stare at me every chance you get.

*You are now rolling from back to belly all the time.  It makes you mad when you get to your belly though.

*You love to talk and coo.  You "sing" yourself to sleep every night, and it's adorable.

We think that you are pretty perfect :)

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